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The Mall on Dec 23

Yes, Chesney, Caleb and I made the journey to the mall two days before Christmas…and it was hell. Well, maybe one step above hell, but definitely worse than purgatory.

The off-ramp to the mall was backed up, and it took a long long while to get to the mall parking lot. We got pretty lucky with parking, circling and fighting with other chumps procrastinators for only 10 minutes before finding a spot. Walking in the mall was a slow, maddening task. What is it with people stopping in the middle the walking lanes to talk or simple stare at nothing?

No one at the mall looked happy or in the Christmas spirit.


So it’s December 22nd and it is still warm enough to wear a t-shirt and not be cold. This is why I live in California.

Photoshop Brushes

Cameron Moll found a free “worn edges” Photoshop brush created by HowieZine. Just posting to remember this link when I need it…


So this kid’s parents told him that there is no Santa Clause. So he comes to school and tells the other first graders in his class that Santa is not real. Lots of kids get upset. We talk to the kid and tell him to just keep his thoughts in his head because it is making other kids upset. After a call to the parents asking them to talk to their kid about not upsetting other kids about telling them there is no santa we find out that they told him that because they don’t have money to buy him presents, so if there is no santa he won’t expect presents and the parents are off the hook.
Any thoughts?

Another look at the Christmas Tree…

I was just thinking today…isn’t kind of odd that we take a dead, dried up piece of wood, wrap it in eletrical wiring, and then stick it a bucket of water in the middle of our houses?

I Belong in C League

We won again 6-1 against the Bruins, and are now tied for first place. Since getting our new jerseys, we haven’t lost, so I’m going to put lean on that superstition until we lose.

The Bruins actually had possession of the puck on our side of the rink for most of the game, but their 1 point says nice things about our defense.

In contrast to the games in the tournament, I played great against players of similar skill level. I felt confident, made a few big plays, and even got a few shots on goal, something that never happened in the tournament! I knew where to play: I was right defenseman and played great with my fellow defenseman on my line. Because I’m used to it, I much prefer the 2 forwards/2 defense than the 3/1 that we tried in the tournament.

It just feels good to not get schooled! I think my ego is slowly rebuilding from last weekend…

Tournament Massacre

It wasn’t pretty. But it was fun! If you look at the teams we were against–the Mission Hockey brand sponsored Patriots, UC Davis, and a team full of former pro roller hockey players–it was easy to see why we lost so badly every game!

Even so, it was fun to be the underdogs in a way. We had the support of not only family and friends who came out to watch us, but the crowd as well. When Danny scored there was more celebrating than when the J-Toes won the championship.

A big thanks to our sponsors–we wouldn’t been able to get schooled at this tournament without you! Jasmin Camacho, Liwanag Malabuyo, the Cupples, Chesney Malabuyo, David Malabuyo (thanks for bringing fudge to the games!), Daniel Malabuyo Sr.

Since I kind of orchestrated entering this tournament thing, I just hope everyone still felt that it was worth it. I apologize if I embarrassed anyone…

Maybe next time I can get us into a tournament with teams that are in our level of play.

Pictures from the tournament are up on

Others wrote in their blogs about the tournament, to get more perspective:


Snipers 1 – 1

Our first game with our brand-new jerseys. Now we all match. And with our two best players back this week from being sick, we destroyed the Leafs, 8 – 1.

Replace Text Using…FLASH

Now for some Web Nerdiness (which is what I originally intended for this site…oh well). sIFR – Scalable Image Font Replacement. This isn’t new, but I just found it. I’ve been looking for a way to dynamically output titles in my websites in fonts other than the standard Arial or Times New Roman.

Mike Davidson uses Flash! I’ve always been wary about using Flash in web work because I didn’t know how prevalent Flash is in the public, but he states “…that every new version of Flash penetrates over 85% of computers within 14 months.”

He uses a combination of Javascript and CSS to detect Flash. Without going into a lot of web development nerdiness (you can read the article if you want that), if the browser has flash the cool font you wanted is displayed. If not, the regular font still shows up.

I expirimented with it and it was so easy to work with that I implemented it into already.

You can see the results
Compare it to the way it used to be

You can see the difference it makes in the titles and dates of each update entry. Before I have little images for each and every title if I wanted a nice looking font. Now, I can just type out the text in the code! It’s only a matter of time until I start using it everywhere, including this site.

Read the article on sIFR–it’s really interesting.

Revolutionary Game

I finished Half Life 2 last night, and I can say with confidence that it is probably the finest game I’ve ever played. It’s hard to believe that Valve, the game’s developer, has only made one game before, the original Half Life, which was a revolutionary when it came out 6 years ago.

The physics in this game are unlike any game thus far, and it will no doubt be seen in later games. The art direction was superb–it had a cinematic quality to it. My only complaint is the ending is a bit anti-climactic, though the levels you play leading up to it were not dissapointing.

It’s actually a good thing that the game is this good. The game was set to be released 1 YEAR AGO, but I think Valve made good use of that extra year.

It’s good. Buy it.

Snipers New Season

With our two best players out sick and our goalie gone (we had some fill-in guy), we lost. Lost bad. 5-2 was the final score, but that sounds better than it actually was. I think they felt sorry for us during the second half and just worked on their passing.

Bright side: Chesney got me new hockey pants

Less than two weeks away from the Mission Open Hockey Tournament. We’ve got our jerseys, our equipment, and our sponsors, so we’re all ready to play. The question is are we ready to play well…

One of my favorites…

I recently watched A Walk to Remember again, and I have to admit, yes I really like this movie. Yes, I’m a guy, and yes Chesney’s a girl and she doesn’t like the movie much. But who can argue with the truly touching story? How can you not feel for Shane West’s character when, after coming so far, he learns of his girlfriend’s secret? How can you resist heartfelt dialogue such as:

“I’m scared to be without you.”
“Oh baby, that’ll never happen!”
[dramatic music]

On Working For Non-Profits

I always wondered, before working for CityTeam, how much of what you donate in cash actually goes to the cause and now much went to administration. Being skeptical is my nature, so I always assumed that a good part of the money you donate–or at least more than you want–went to “administration costs.”

As for CityTeam, every 79 cents of every dollar goes to the ministry you donate to. (I’ll have to verify that, so don’t take this with a grain of salt) This, I’m told is more than most non-profits.

Now that I work at a non-profit, I have see this issue from a totally different angle! I see how hard these people work, and in most cases, they work longer hours than people doing a similar work for a for-profit company. In EVERY case, they work for far less pay than people doing similar work for a for-profit company (myself included! :) ). Many have left their high-paying salaries to work in these worthy causes.

That 11 cents that goes to “administration costs” goes to hard-working people who believe in what they’re doing. During the holidays, don’t be afraid to give–your money is not being abused! (…at least…not with CityTeam) <– Shameless plug

The Devils’ Last Season – 3rd Place

Well, it was a good end to a great season. The Devils, who next season will be the Snipers (no, we still haven’t gotten our jerseys yet) , won our last game against the sabres 5 – 3, finishing in 3rd place this season.

I’ve already gotten 3rd place before. I want to get 1st or 2nd.

Chesney and Caleb came and watched and took some pictures:

Check out the nice new skates
Yes, we need matching jerseys badly…