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Ok, so voIP looks really cool. I just signed up with, the largest and best voIP provider in the US. They give you a device that has an ethernet port on one end and a phone jack on the other. You just plug in a normal phone to it, and you’re set to make phone calls through your broadband Internet connection. No normal phone line required. It can be used with ANY broadband connection ANYWHERE in the world. You can also make phone calls from your PC. You can choose a phone number from area codes all over the US, Canada, and even internationally. You can even have multiple numbers in multiple locations. Everything’s web-based, including checking your voice mail while away (or getting it via email). As low as $15/mo for 500 minutes anywhere in US/Canada. Check out their website for more info.

With this service and cable modem Internet access, I won’t even have to have a normal phone line. I’ll let you know how the service works out as soon as I get it set up. Any calls to other people who have Vonage are free, and they have referrall incentives, so if anyone else is thinking of signing up, let me know first.

Ah, memories…

Haha…I was looking at old stuff and stumbled on this old page from the wedding website.


Chesney and Caleb are overwhelming me with their cuteness.

“Real” Net Surfing

The BBC is running an article about a surfboard developed by Intel with an embedded, solar powered, wifi capable, laptop with web cam attached. It features a 1.7GHz processor and a 80GB hard drive. The camera is able to create videos and transmit them through an access point located on the beach. Jools Matthews of Gulfstream surfboards designed the board itself and pro surfer Duncan Scot helped with the design of the board to make sure that the board still performed well with the extra weight.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2

It’s out to the general public now.

“To aid IT professionals in planning and testing for the deployment of Windows XP SP2, Microsoft is making available this preview, based on Release Candidate 2 (RC2) of the SP2. Additionally, we have established 11 newsgroups for sharing information.

If you are only updating one machine, you should install the Windows XP SP2 RC2 via Windows Update. In most cases, your download time will be greatly shortened, and when you are done, you will also have the Release Candidate version of the Windows Update V5 client installed.”

My Bruise – part 2

Chesney told me I shouldn’t play Saturday’s game because of my bruise. What does she know…

So I got checked right on my bruise, plastered up against the wall, and landed on my bruise. Plus, I now have another bruise on the other side of my hip to match and a sore right wrist.

Chesney should’ve warned me not to play.

My Bruise

I got this nasty bruise from hockey with the cousins two weeks ago, and it was just about healed. …then I had my league game last Wedesnday and re-bruised it and now it’s worse than ever. There’s a nice big lump now.

It hurts to walk, sit, or lie down, so basically if I stand upright for the next week until it’s healed I’ll be ok.

Maybe it’s time I bought a better-padded girdle.

Designing with CSS

This is cool. The ultimate in use of CSS templates. All the content is the same, but the designs are totally different depending on what CSS file you choose.

CSS Zen Garden

I would love to learn how to design web pages completely in CSS…too bad I’ve gotten to know how to use tables so well and can’t get out of that mindset.

Javascript E-mail encoder

Found this e-mail encoder which uses javascript to encrypt your e-mail address so that e-mail harvesters won’t pick it up. It encodes both what’s on screen and the source code.


The Enkoder Form

The Day After Tomorrow

Weak plot, bad dialogue, and a story that’s waaaay out there…but who cares? It had great special effects and you got to see L.A. torn up by tornados!

Saw it with the guys during Brittany’s bridal shower. Go see it, but make sure it’s a matinee.

Not as Geeky as I Thought…

I was chatting with some of the IT guys here at CityTeam about SPAM–what goes through, what doesn’t, what technology is out there, etc.

I learned a lot from those 10 minutes, but the most blatant lesson I learned was simply that I just am not as computer geeky as I thought. (Or hoped, heh) I always thought of myself as being pretty tech savvy, especially when it comes to computers…guess not.

If any of you geeks out there feel that you’re cool, ask a (good) IT guy some geeky question like, “Do you think Bayesian filtering will be useless in a year?” or something like that and just sit back and be humbled. Or relieved…

Hey Daniel, aren’t you an IT guy?