Not as Geeky as I Thought…

Posted Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004 at 06:46 PM

I was chatting with some of the IT guys here at CityTeam about SPAM–what goes through, what doesn’t, what technology is out there, etc.

I learned a lot from those 10 minutes, but the most blatant lesson I learned was simply that I just am not as computer geeky as I thought. (Or hoped, heh) I always thought of myself as being pretty tech savvy, especially when it comes to computers…guess not.

If any of you geeks out there feel that you’re cool, ask a (good) IT guy some geeky question like, “Do you think Bayesian filtering will be useless in a year?” or something like that and just sit back and be humbled. Or relieved…

Hey Daniel, aren’t you an IT guy?

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