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Why Write Checks?!?!??

Honestly, why do people write checks anymore? I’m not talking about to pay for bills, but for normal things like the grocery store? I just love it when there’s a huge long line and everyone has to wait for some moron to fill out their check, taking their time writing out the store’s name, the total, etc. Then the cashier has to write their driver’s license number on the check, verify it…

These people need to get in the 90’s and get AN ATM CARD. It comes out of the same place, INSTANTLY. And it’s about 10 times faster.

Please, leave the checks at home for the bills.

A new ipod for Chesney!

I entered a skinning contest for the e-mail program, Pocomail and won! First place was the 15GB version of the Apple Ipod and I gave it to my cute wife.

I was surprised at how cool the ipod is–Chesney put every mp3 that she had on there and she still had 11 GB left! iTunes is an awesome program as well.

PC Myths – Busted.

Whoa, haven’t posted in a while…been busy.

Anyway, found this today–a bunch of Myths like “Opting out of spam gets you even more spam” and “Terrible things happen if you turn off your PC without shutting down Windows” are tested to see if they’re actually true.

I think my favortie is “The government reads everyone’s e-mail.” It was busted…but I’m not so sure it isn’t true …

Free Slurpees!

Yesterday was 7/11: free slurpee day–did you get your free slurpee?

M$ -Owned Company Warns Against IE

You’ve probably heard that the federal government has recommended that you NOT use IE–I’m taking a stab at this one and guessing that Microsoft isn’t happy about this one. And now, a Microsoft-owned company is making the same recommendation! Neowin summarizes the press release, which pretty much says dump IE and use Firefox:

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Spider Man 2

Just saw Spider Man 2. Awesome. Highly recommended.