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Devils Win

We won 5-4. In the first 5 minutes the Stars scored 3 against us in a couple “weak” (lucky) goals, but we shut them out the rest of the half, scoring 2 to end the half at 2-3. We all but shut them down the second half, allowing only one more goal thanks to some awesome defense (did I mention I play defense? I’m cool.).

Some great plays led to 3 more scores, one of which was underhanded. So we’re now 2-1-1 and in second behind the Sabres.

We also decided on a team name, logo and jersey, and here’s the final look. Should be 3-4 weeks though.

Change the Team Name!

Why don’t teams change their NAME when they move to a different city?

What sounds more ridiculous: Los Angeles Lakers or Utah Jazz?

Man, if the 49ers ever moved…New York 49ers??!?

The Wrath of Fans.

This is what the fans (like me) are saying following the Aug 17 failed bargaining session which led to the hockey lockout, over a week old now. They were generally not too happy with the players, and opinion hasn’t changed since then.

Some good quotes from the posts:

  • “Of course public opinion is with the owners and it should be—THEY’RE RIGHT!”
  • “Isn’t it funny that a salary cap is out of the question but the players will play in europe for little money to just stay in the game.”
  • “he [Goodenow] forgets that is it the fans who ultimately pay these peoples salaries…”

This stinks. I, for one, was really psyched up about this season, especially since the Sharks had such a great season last year.

Devils Lose–May Change Their Name

Well, we played hard, but we lost 3-1 to the Sabres for our first loss of the season. We’re now in second. We actually played really good defense and had more shots on goal, but their goalie blocked everything we shot at him.

On a side note, we’re getting team jerseys and we’re talking about changing our name to “Snipers,” which I think is better than “Devils.” I volunteered to make a logo, and I’ve been working on that. Here’s what I have so far, but I’ll be playing around some more, making more variations soon. Suggestions?

September is an Awesome Month For Games!

Like Games? If not, don’t read this geeky post. But if you do, there have been several demos that have come out for great games in the past few weeks. Here are my recommendations: (Sorry if you despise downloading from Fileplanet…)

“Even Microsoft’s Own Staff Blogs For Firefox”

“What signals can that be sending to Internet Explorer users?”

Well put by Read the article. Internet Explorer is going down, baby!

IE is a conglommeration of code built on last, last generation code is pretty much the problem. Firefox is new, efficient, fast, and has 1,000 times less the security issues as IE (but that’s mostly because virus and adware writers and hackeres write their stuff for IE).

Switch to Firefox. Or Opera. Even switching over to Mac and using their Safari browser is better. Well…maybe…

No NHL for 2004-05…

Man. I was hoping to be treated to a few Sharks games by Mac this season.

I still get to play on the Scotts Valley Hockey League this season though. Tonight was one of those great games that’s hard on the nerves–we were leading 4-3 and with 17 seconds left the Rangers scored. A shoot-out followed and we scored one to win it.

Since there’s no NHL this season, just come watch the SVHL.

I know this first grader

OK I work in a first grade class and there is this kid who looks exactly like Daniel (Malabuyo). I keep wanting to call him Daniel, but his name is Bobby. Too bad I can’t take a picture of him to show everyone…well I could but I would have to get permission from his parents and the school and that just aint gonna happen

anyway, he even has the same hair cut, and kinda acts like him, it is just weird


If I were to post things here would anyone comment on them? Seems to me that so far the things that get the most comments are the kinds of things that I could care less about. Like Dawsons Creek vs ER.
Let’s see what else is there…politics-did I vote last time???…web design stuff-my web knowlege ended when I started signing…hockey-like I give a puck =)

I don’t know what I will post on here very much, but if I do it probably won’t be the same old thing that you are used to seeing here. It will be much more exciting and from a non-male perspective (I think that I am the only one that goes on this site).

So ready or not here I come

Hockey…gotta love it

I played my first league game here in Scotts Valley and won. I played good defense every shift and was all in all pretty happy with the way I played.

I also took an elbow right to the neck and it hurts like h$## .

Dawson’s Creek or ER?

I watch Caleb in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and ER and Dawson’s Creek are both on at the same time?

What should I watch??? choices, choices .

Arnold, OUR Governor…

We’ve gotten used to seeing Arnold the politician, but up until last night when Arnold delivered a his speech that truly captivated audiences, the rest of the country probably still thought of him as a joke of a governor.

“How’s the idiot?” you ask, all other 49 states? Well, actually, he’s one of the better governors that we’ve had in a while. What I would love to see is Arnold vs. Hillary for 2008–that would be fun… .