The Wrath of Fans.

Posted Friday, September 24th, 2004 at 05:36 PM

This is what the fans (like me) are saying following the Aug 17 failed bargaining session which led to the hockey lockout, over a week old now. They were generally not too happy with the players, and opinion hasn’t changed since then.

Some good quotes from the posts:

  • “Of course public opinion is with the owners and it should be—THEY’RE RIGHT!”
  • “Isn’t it funny that a salary cap is out of the question but the players will play in europe for little money to just stay in the game.”
  • “he [Goodenow] forgets that is it the fans who ultimately pay these peoples salaries…”

This stinks. I, for one, was really psyched up about this season, especially since the Sharks had such a great season last year.

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