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the iPod Photo is dumb

Ok, so the fact that the iPod Photo has no built-in card slot is absolutely stupid! And the fact that you have to use iTunes to put images on it also really bugs me. And it appears it might not work well with high-res photos. Apple often makes really cool stuff, but I hate how they make their products proprietary & expensive. The iPod Photo has the potential to be a really versatile tool, but not like this. Yes, there’s an optional external card reader – but that’s dumb. There’s no way I’m spending $500 or $600 on this thing. It will be interesting to read some reviews on it and see what others think.

Canon vs. Nikon

After reading a lot on photography forums, I’ve decided that Nikon is to Canon like Republican is to Democrat. It gets pretty nasty sometimes.


So I OD’d on generic Robitussin today. I do not reccommend it in case you were thinking about doing that yourself. The Dr. told me to take 3X the dosage, so I did. He didn’t tell me that there were about 40 different kinds of this stuff…DM, CF, PE, PM…etc. I bought the wrong one and ended up ODing on some ingredient in that one that is not in the one that I was supposed to get. You’d think he would’ve told me which one to get.

MY 20D is better than Daniel’s

I got mine today! Thanks everyone who chipped in! I can now spend endless hours talking about the technological wonders of the 20d to see how far back Chesney can roll her eyes and for how long.

Awesomeness. Of course now that I have a better camera, it’s time to get better lenses… Hi Chesney.

The long awaited 20D

I have, in my hands, the single most anticipated inanimate object I have ever wanted: the Canon 20D digital SLR. Wow. Too bad I’m at work, and I can’t really use it much. At least you get to see the first ever photo taken with this beautiful machine.

As an upgrade from the Digital Rebel, this thing is awesome. Feels solid and professional. Image review is instantaneous, and scrolling through photos is super fast. 5fps is so fast that i keep accidentally taking more photos than i intended.

Ah, now i am finally happy in life.

…until the 30D.

A Post! Woo-hoo!!!

Yes, that’s right–today I post, after neglecting this site for over a week. I apologize to all my faithful readers. Hmm….what should I write about?

Well let’s see…the Devils lost last week so I don’t want to talk about that…

The Presidential debates…oh wait, I never watched any of them. Apparently, they’ve been anything but gentlemenly.


My birthday! Katelyn and I had a birthday dinner at Bucco di Beppo’s last Saturday in the Pope room! A bunch of friends and family all pitched in to get me a Canon 20D because I need a new toy to further my photography hobby.

Superman a.k.a. Christopher Reeves died today. It’s pretty amazing how much of an effect he had on a generation of kids who grew up in the 80’s just from one role that he played. But besides his embodiment of Superman onscreen, he also was truly Superman in REAL LIFE.