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One of my favorites…

I recently watched A Walk to Remember again, and I have to admit, yes I really like this movie. Yes, I’m a guy, and yes Chesney’s a girl and she doesn’t like the movie much. But who can argue with the truly touching story? How can you not feel for Shane West’s character when, after coming so far, he learns of his girlfriend’s secret? How can you resist heartfelt dialogue such as:

“I’m scared to be without you.”
“Oh baby, that’ll never happen!”
[dramatic music]

On Working For Non-Profits

I always wondered, before working for CityTeam, how much of what you donate in cash actually goes to the cause and now much went to administration. Being skeptical is my nature, so I always assumed that a good part of the money you donate–or at least more than you want–went to “administration costs.”

As for CityTeam, every 79 cents of every dollar goes to the ministry you donate to. (I’ll have to verify that, so don’t take this with a grain of salt) This, I’m told is more than most non-profits.

Now that I work at a non-profit, I have see this issue from a totally different angle! I see how hard these people work, and in most cases, they work longer hours than people doing a similar work for a for-profit company. In EVERY case, they work for far less pay than people doing similar work for a for-profit company (myself included! :) ). Many have left their high-paying salaries to work in these worthy causes.

That 11 cents that goes to “administration costs” goes to hard-working people who believe in what they’re doing. During the holidays, don’t be afraid to give–your money is not being abused! (…at least…not with CityTeam) <– Shameless plug

The Devils’ Last Season – 3rd Place

Well, it was a good end to a great season. The Devils, who next season will be the Snipers (no, we still haven’t gotten our jerseys yet) , won our last game against the sabres 5 – 3, finishing in 3rd place this season.

I’ve already gotten 3rd place before. I want to get 1st or 2nd.

Chesney and Caleb came and watched and took some pictures:

Check out the nice new skates
Yes, we need matching jerseys badly…

I’m Not Wrong Very Often, But…

…I have to say, Macs ARE cool. Brandon, the new Graphic Designer guy here at CityTeam just installed Panther OS on the Mac that I’ll be using here, and after his quick, 15-minute demo of some of the OS, man…WOW.

Just from what I’ve seen (and that’s not much), it looks like Macs have a Windows counterpart, but much improved. Even simple Application switching is so fast, easy, and intuitive–much more so than Windows. I probably have only seen the tip of the iceberg…

I wasn’t completely wrong though, because when I made the statement, “Macs are dumb” I was still using old OS 9 during my Video/Digital Art program at CSUN. So everyone who thought Macs were dumb before, take a look at the new OS X.

Read Listen to the Bible!

Part of something our pastor is promoting for our church, Chesney and I have started to listen to the Bible on cd on our commutes to work. This has been one of those things that I have thought about every so often for a while now, but just never gotten around to researching which copy of the Bible on cd to get. A few Sundays ago, Pastor Randy recommended this particular cd set, so we went for it.

Wow, a much better use of our 45 minute commute in the car (one way!). I usually listen to talk radio which usually gets me fired up about dumb things.

I totally recommend doing this if you have long periods of time in the car. Just like reading the Bible, no matter how many times you’ve read or heard a book or chapter, you always read or hear something new. Always convicted or blessed. Always challenged.

FireFox 1.0 – Come and Get it!

I’ve touted the advantages of this browser long enough, so you don’t need to hear more about how much better it is than Internet Explorer. The first full version is out–download it NOW.

Firefox at
(in case the site is bogged down by the masses flocking to download Firefox, here’s a few mirrors where you can download it)
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3


Yes that is right I won. I just put the update on our main site so look there for the whole story.

My Skates, R.I.P. part 2

After looking around websites and, I thought I would ask Bob, the owner of SV Sports Center, where I play in the house league, if he had any used skates I could take off his hands.

He didn’t have any used skates, but he showed me the back room in the pro shop and told me to try on any of the skates and he would give me cost price! I still chose the cheapest ones, not knowing what the cost price would be. When I came back to Bob, he gave me the cost price, it was only a tad more expensive than my last skates, bought second hand from ebay! I got the brand-new, 2005 Mission He150’s! A bit flashy, but I couldn’t pass up the price.

Did I mention Bob is on Team Devils with me?

Incredible Weekend!

Chesney and I finally saw Pixar’s The Incredibles yesterday. Everyone should see this movie. If you don’t have anyone to watch it with, I’ll go with you! The story is your basic superheros vs. supervillan plot, but the heros weren’t your basic heros–they were your everyday family, which connected with everyone.

From an artistic standpoint, the imagery and art direction, in typical Pixar fashion just keeps getting better and better with each movie. It was fluid and natural. One thing I always noticed about other studios’ CG movies was that the animations were good, but were somewhat rigid and unnatural (Shrek 2 was much, much better than the original in this regard) when compared with Pixar’s projects.

On a loosely related topic, we also watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I loved it! I went into this movie not knowing anything about the reviews and I was surprised to see that it tanked…tanked bad.

My Skates, R.I.P.

The Devils won a hard-fought game against the Sabres, and now we’re tied for second an in the playoffs. Awesome. I and the rest of the defense was awesome this game, allowing only two goals (that’s really good for C-level roller hockey!).

On a sad note, the chassi on my right skate completely broke all the way through, so I didn’t play too much, and when I did, I was wobbling. I don’t see any way of replacing without spending as much money as just buying new skates…

I’m on the lookout for some cheap, even second-hand skates, preferrably Mission brand. Any leads?

Can’t We All Get Along?

I was going to write up something about all of us Americans being more united, but Lem stole all my thoughts and put them on his blog. Thief.

I think everyone can agree that there is a sense of division now more than ever, and now that all the campaigning (A.K.A. bashing) is over, I’m hoping we can quit it with all the accusations, conspiracy theories, and personal attacks on both sides. So quit it, Michael Moores, hollywood, Rush Limbaughs, and all the extreme left and right of America.

Let’s all get together and have a beer, or will it take another catastrophe like 9/11 before we come together as a nation?

I voted. Did you?

Today I joined the masses of my fellow Americans in doing our patriotic duty: To vote, and take part in our democracy.

I was surprised to hear that the polls closed 3 hours ago in Ohio and people are still waiting in line to vote! I parked, walked in, voted, walked out. No line. Come to think of it, I’ve never had to wait in line any time I’ve ever voted. Lucky, I guess. I was somewhat dissapointed that I didn’t get to use the cool touch-screen eletronic voting machines, but then again, there’s something about those voting cards and filling in the squares in booths that feels more “authentic”, for lack of a better word.

I got through the ballot really quickly because this time I had a cheat sheet. Chesney and I did our homework the night before and went through all the props.

Glad to be part of this year’s election.

Dean capitalizes on his infamous scream

On this election day, let’s have a moment of remembrance for Howard Dean, who could have been Bush’s opponent, had he not screamed. Fortunately for Dean, he is making use of his screaming ability on this Yahoo radio ad. I heard it on the radio yesterday, and today found this copy online.