My Skates, R.I.P. part 2

Posted Monday, November 8th, 2004 at 01:34 PM

After looking around websites and, I thought I would ask Bob, the owner of SV Sports Center, where I play in the house league, if he had any used skates I could take off his hands.

He didn’t have any used skates, but he showed me the back room in the pro shop and told me to try on any of the skates and he would give me cost price! I still chose the cheapest ones, not knowing what the cost price would be. When I came back to Bob, he gave me the cost price, it was only a tad more expensive than my last skates, bought second hand from ebay! I got the brand-new, 2005 Mission He150’s! A bit flashy, but I couldn’t pass up the price.

Did I mention Bob is on Team Devils with me?

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