Read Listen to the Bible!

Posted Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 at 01:37 PM

Part of something our pastor is promoting for our church, Chesney and I have started to listen to the Bible on cd on our commutes to work. This has been one of those things that I have thought about every so often for a while now, but just never gotten around to researching which copy of the Bible on cd to get. A few Sundays ago, Pastor Randy recommended this particular cd set, so we went for it.

Wow, a much better use of our 45 minute commute in the car (one way!). I usually listen to talk radio which usually gets me fired up about dumb things.

I totally recommend doing this if you have long periods of time in the car. Just like reading the Bible, no matter how many times you’ve read or heard a book or chapter, you always read or hear something new. Always convicted or blessed. Always challenged.

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