Tournament Massacre

Posted Tuesday, December 14th, 2004 at 11:27 AM

It wasn’t pretty. But it was fun! If you look at the teams we were against–the Mission Hockey brand sponsored Patriots, UC Davis, and a team full of former pro roller hockey players–it was easy to see why we lost so badly every game!

Even so, it was fun to be the underdogs in a way. We had the support of not only family and friends who came out to watch us, but the crowd as well. When Danny scored there was more celebrating than when the J-Toes won the championship.

A big thanks to our sponsors–we wouldn’t been able to get schooled at this tournament without you! Jasmin Camacho, Liwanag Malabuyo, the Cupples, Chesney Malabuyo, David Malabuyo (thanks for bringing fudge to the games!), Daniel Malabuyo Sr.

Since I kind of orchestrated entering this tournament thing, I just hope everyone still felt that it was worth it. I apologize if I embarrassed anyone…

Maybe next time I can get us into a tournament with teams that are in our level of play.

Pictures from the tournament are up on

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