I Belong in C League

Posted Thursday, December 16th, 2004 at 11:49 PM


We won again 6-1 against the Bruins, and are now tied for first place. Since getting our new jerseys, we haven’t lost, so I’m going to put lean on that superstition until we lose.

The Bruins actually had possession of the puck on our side of the rink for most of the game, but their 1 point says nice things about our defense.

In contrast to the games in the tournament, I played great against players of similar skill level. I felt confident, made a few big plays, and even got a few shots on goal, something that never happened in the tournament! I knew where to play: I was right defenseman and played great with my fellow defenseman on my line. Because I’m used to it, I much prefer the 2 forwards/2 defense than the 3/1 that we tried in the tournament.

It just feels good to not get schooled! I think my ego is slowly rebuilding from last weekend…

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