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CSS 3 Can’t Come Soon Enough

One declaration for multi-columns write-up by Malarky. As a web designer, this makes me drool. Seriously, it takes at least 20x that amount of both css and semantic code to achieve the same effect now, and it’s not as good for many more reasons. Sometimes I wish I could fast-forward a few years into the future.

By the way, Firefox supports this already (kind of) because it’s awesome.

First Week at McAfee

Tim Malabuyo, web UI designer

I arrived at McAfee bright and early at 8:00 am, excited and ready with the expected first-day jitters. My first new job in a while, so I had forgotten what it felt like. For a guy who moved 6 times and held several different jobs just while I was in college, it used to be a familiar feeling! |inline

Farewell CityTeam, Hello McAfee

From CityTeam to McAfee

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. I will be starting a new job this Monday at McAfee, as a “Web UI (User Interface) Designer.” I will be leaving behind many friends and a thriving ministry that God has allowed me to be a part of for the last four years. |inline

Sharks Feeding Frenzy

[UPDATE] The photos are up on CityTeam’s Flickr album.

Me with the Sharks
Hanging out with the guys: Marcel Gok (11), Christian Ehrhoff (44), Nolan Schaefer (31), and Grant Stevenson (55…or 37). Niko Dimitrakos (23), Milan Michalek (9), and Josh Lanfeld (24) arrived later.

I got to meet some 49ers last month because of their generosity in partnering with CityTeam, and today I got to meet seven (eight if you count Sharky) of my San Jose Sharks, when they came to help distribute boxes upon boxes of food donations to various local charities–CityTeam included.

The event was on CityTeam’s turf, I had a “backstage pass” during the whole thing. But the players were great and were very accessible to everyone that was there. To me, they have a good kind of celebrity status: not too insanely famous where you get recognized everywhere you go, but only famous to the fans of a sport which, let’s face it, doesn’t have much popularity.

It was awesome to get to meet these guys, players of a hockey team that my brothers, cousins and I grew up watching and trying to imitate on the rink. If I were smart I would’ve brought a Sharks jersey for them to sign. First I would have to get a Sharks jersey. I guess I could have at least brought my Sabotage jersey. Oh well, that probably wouldn’t have been good while on the job anyway.

More photos via the CityTeam website and Flickr to come…

Try Ruby

I’ve been meaning to take the dive and try learning Ruby, at the urging of programmer friends, but haven’t done it yet. Try Ruby! is a really easy, fun basic intro into Ruby. I walked through the first 5 minutes, and am already surprised at how simplified Ruby’s syntax is in comparison with php.

CS + Studio 8 = ?

Adobe Frankensuite
Adobe Frankensuite.

Shaun Inman has lovingly dubbed the Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Macromedia Studio 8 bundle, “Adobe Frankensuite.” The two packaging styles could not be more different, and seeing the two well-known box art by the two former competitors together is somewhat surreal. This may be the last version of some software–place your bets on which ones will bite the dust in the next completely-Adobe produced suite. I really, REALLY hope Fireworks makes it.

Many are not too thrilled about some of the aspects of the merger.

Dave Shea’s thoughts

Sharks: Will it be Worth it?

I just watched the miserable Sharks lose their 10th consecutive game against the Stars. Fans have been debating over what to do since their…oh, 5th straight loss, but I don’t think any of us expected this. The Sharks traded 3 great players, Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart, and Wayne Primeau for a legendary one: Joe Thornton.

It’s a bold move–Joe Thornton is probably one of the biggest names in hockey right now. I know how high-profile of a player Joe Thornton is, but I personally have a hard time believing that he alone can replace three solid players–three names well-loved by Sharks fans. The Sharks are already lacking in veteran players, forcing them to play a lot of rookies, and this will leave a big hole that will probably filled with more. Only time will tell if this was a smart move or not…

On a side note, I got a chance to see the Cleveland Barons play last year during the absence of the NHL. The Barons are the feeder team for the Sharks, so it’ll be interesting to see who (if any) will move up to join the Sharks.

The Return of Vallejo Sabotage

Hockey Season is back this year, and even if the Sharks aren’t winning, the Vallejo Sabotage have returned for their first win ever at a recent informal tournament by the Benicia Hockey League.

Our first game against the Benicia All-Star team went really well. It was a good game and we won 5-3. Yep, that’s the first ever win for the Sabotage, since we lost every game in the last tournament we were in. The second game was a bit more lopsided–the other team (I can’t remember who we played) crushed us 8-5, and the last 3 of our goals were in the last 5 minutes or so.

All in all, great fun to be able to play again. And I only really sucked near the end of the second game.

Vallejo Sabotage official lifetime record: 1 win, 4 losses.

I put up some photos of us while we were waiting to play. No girlfriends, fiances or wives this time, so there wasn’t anyone to take pictures while we played.

Mac post on the tournament.

So…Who Does he Look Like?

Ches-Caleb-Tim Comparison
(Click to view larger)

Yep, that’s Chesney, Caleb, and I, left to right, all at around one year old, I think. Mom and dad sent an old photo of me and I thought I would have some fun in Photoshop. Man, I think I’m the least cutest. At least from that picture…

The Day I Saw a 49er Cry

[UPDATE 3] Lem created a pretty cool video with the footage and pictures we took. Download it (14 mb, Quicktime 7 required)
[UPDATE 2] The article on CityTeam’s site, and one of the 49ers website.
[UPDATE] The photos are up on CityTeam’s Flickr album.

Lem takes photos of the 49ers
What’s that little Filipino guy doing?

Several, actually. One of the benefits of working for a large non-profit is the chance to meet certain celebrities in the local community. Today Lem and I took photos and video of five 49ers players who came to help CityTeam with the daily dinner at the San Jose mission. I wish I followed the 49ers better this season because the only one I recognized was Ken Dorsey (7). Others that lent their time were Shawntae Spencer (36), Bruce Thornton (26), Julian Peterson (98), and Otis Amey (18). As big and intimidating as they were, they, just like you and me, broke down in tears when cutting up an onion. All really nice guys. The poor and homeless who came in for a meal loved getting a chance to chat with them as they passed by to get their food.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post photos that we took, since they’re property of CityTeam. They’ll be up on the CityTeam website and other news sites soon enough. A similar event is coming up with the San Jose Sharks, and I’m really looking forward to that!

The Lem is Here

My brother, Lem, photo-journalism student at Brooks, will be joining me at CityTeam for a couple months on an internship. He’ll be shooting for CityTeam while doing a project for Brooks on CityTeam’s Recovery Programs. Welcome to the family.

He’s only been here for 2 days and has already eaten all of my Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Hockey is BACK

It’s hockey season. The Sharks may be losing, but at least they’re playing. I also played my first game of hockey in months. I quit the Scotts Valley league both to save some money and to save time.

I woke up bright and early at 4:45 am on a Saturday to spend $2.87/gallon on gas on a drive an hour and 45 minutes away (with a nice $3.00 bridge toll along the way) to Benicia, where my cousins play every week on their outdoor court. After a few months of no physical activity to speak of, suddenly playing a full 2 hours of hockey wasn’t such a great idea. It was fun but not great for my aging, now 26-year-old body. I got tired after 10 minutes and subbed myself out far more times than any of my teammates. Yes, I’m weak. Keeping in shape is definitely something you have to work at.

Cousins, thank you for giving me the first reason to get up freaking early on a Saturday morning since the Smurfs.

Where were you Mac? Seminary? Pfft. What’s more important…?

I was planning on joining the league again this season, but missed the deadline. Andrew, you need to get back here so I have someone to play with.