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Snipers Are in 1st Going Into the Playoffs

Awesome. I made a mistake last week when I said we were in third–somehow, we made it to second and we won our last game in another shootout that put us tied for first place going into the playoffs.

…I wonder what we get if we win…

Death to the HMO plan!!!

Over the past couple years, I have come to find out 2 facts of life:

  1. When you finally get medical insurance, you get sick more often.
  2. HMO plans blow.

I thought I would save some money going with the HMO plan, but after two years of hearing things like “I’m sorry, Dr. ____ is not accepting any more HMO patients,” “I’m sorry, your plan doesn’t allow us schedule with another doctor…but your doctor will be in at the end of April,” and “I’m sorry, you have to give up your first-born son, you can’t leave your house, bake that cake, or take a nap with the music on. Actually, you don’t have any basic civil rights because you have the HMO plan.”

I’m sick of it. I don’t care if I pay another $15 a month–I’m switching to PPO this May.

…now I’m just another $15/month vicitim of the health care system. We should have a socialized health care system where we have to schedule appointments 3 months in advance and pay 50% of our money in taxes. Like Canada.

Snipers Slip to 3rd

Last Wednesday we played pretty well and were tied at end of the game. According our league rules, we had a fun shoot-out to determine the winner. I was fourth up on my team, but it was still tied when our 3rd shooter was up, and he scored. The Sabres’ 3rd shooter didn’t score, so we won, without my chance to show off my famous super-doooper, ultra-cool triple deke.

Teams only get 1 point in the standings for winning in overtime, so we slipped to third place.

By the way, Caleb now has 7 teeth. – a Shameless plug

My best work yet–a redesign of Manuel It’s not that the the design breakthrough, but it’s what’s under the hood–it’s web-standards friendly, completely built in built mostly in CSS. My first one. Thanks, Mac for letting your site be my guinea pig.

A little bit of explanation for the non-web geeks, a.k.a. normal people: Because of the relatively new technology of the Internet and infancy of browsers, us web designers have always been forced to manipulate tables for web page layout. Tables were never meant for this purpose. Now, with newer browsers like Firefox and Mac’s Safari fully supporting Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we can now separate the layout and design from the actual content, keeping them in separate files. If Mac shoud want a redesign later, all I would have to do is change the CSS file. MANY more web-geeky advantages would put the general public to sleep…

Because it’s my first [mostly] web-standards website, there’s bound to be some problems, especially for those of you with older non-compliant browsers like IE 5 and below and Netscape 4. If you run into quirky problems, e-mail me and let me know.

Look for a CSS redesign of this site pretty soon.

MacWorld ’05!

Here I am at the Moscone Center in San Fran at MacWorld ’05 among many others blogging about their experiences.

Apple just announced the Ipod Shuffle and the $500 “Mac Mini,” a 6.5″ square, 2″ high Mac with no monitor! This thing is tiny! Anyone who’s complained about Mac’s high prices (which were valid) can now buy one for the price of a Dell and get a much stylish computer with a much better Os than Windows and a software package thrown in that would cost another $500 if you were to buy comparable PC software.

Coming from a PC background, once I sat down and used a Mac for an afternoon, I could honestly say without bias that Macs are better. Definitely much better for the graphics-type, but also better in my opinion for the every day person. Apple’s software is much more visual and intuitive than anything that I’ve seen for the PC.

“I hate Macs” is a belief only for the ignorant or for those who have only used a Mac with OS 9 (I agree that it was bad).

I’m pretty sure my next computer is going to be a Mac. Man that banana bread was good this morning…

Divine Spam

I was feeling a little left out when Chesney got tons of spam from both George W. and John Kerry, but this morning I got this:

(click to view larger)

Mmmmm…banana bread…

I’m not usually a big fan of banana bread, but Chesney made some ridiculously good banana bread yesterday.

Losing Gracefully…

…is apparently a concept unknown to many members of my Snipers Team.

Last Wednesday when we rolled onto the rink with many of our team missing, and looked at the opposing team’s full roster who were warming up, I knew this would be a tough game. We ended up being down 3-0 by the half and that’s when things started to get really nasty. Arguing over the ref’s calls, cheap shots at the other team, and a general team meltdown ensued for the rest of the next period. For the grand finale, our frustrated goalie purposely hooked the ref and got us a nice forfeit loss…not that it was the reason for our loss–by then we were losing 5-0 anyway.

It was pretty shameful the way my team was acting. It’s just my personality to stay away from conflict, but I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep optimistic. I was totally with the ref on calling the game, because things were escalating downhill. We had three guys on in the penalty box , only two on the court, and one left on the bench!

I understand being competitive and all, but this was more like a tantrum. We’re now 3-2, still tied for 1st place.

A Handbook On Breaking the Law?

A new book “Guide for the Mexican Immigrant” is being sold in Mexico. Some excerpts from the chronicle:

On one page appears a colorful drawing of people walking in the desert near power lines, with the hint that, “If you get lost, guide yourself with light poles, train tracks or dirt roads.”

“Crossing a river can be very risky, especially if you cross alone and at night,” the booklet warns. “Heavy clothing becomes heavier when wet, and this makes swimming or floating difficult.”

…and some from the arizona republic:

Dramatic drawings show undocumented immigrants wading into a river, running from the U.S. Border Patrol and crouching near a hole in a border fence. On other pages, they hike through a desert with rock formations reminiscent of Arizona and are caught by a stern-faced Border Patrol agent.

Ok, what really gets me isn’t the fact that this book is available–you can go on the public internet and find out how to make bombs if you wanted to–but it’s the fact that this book is being put out by the Mexican government! This is blatant encouragement for breaking U.S. law by another country.

Why don’t we close our borders and let Mexican citizens cry out for government reform so they can actually improve their own economy? If no reforms, then revolution, just like every other country.

…just some uplifting commentary to start out the new year.

Happy Holidays, Snowboarding, and Our Poor Camera

I’m back! Haven’t posted since before Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy 2005! I went on a week-long trip to Carson City, Nevada with Chesney and the Millers to visit Chesney’s Aunt Saundra.

Our Canon S30
…now with more character.

I got to snowboard for the first time in my life. I’ve been skiing ever since I can remember, so I decided to give snowboarding a try. It’s really fun, and not as hard to learn as I thought it would be. I spent the first couple runs falling while only going 4 or 5 miles and hour, but then got to the point where I could stay up for the majority of the time.

Then I went with Chesney and Shawn on an the intermediate run and started going on some steeper slopes and those slow falls turned into full-fledged wipe outs. Our Canon S30 was in my pocket for easy access in case I wanted to get some good pictures. I don’t remember, but I must have landed on top of it at some point. In hind-sight, I probably should’ve let Chesney hold it. Oh well, at least it wasn’t my big, expensive 20d. It actually still takes pictures!