Losing Gracefully…

Posted Friday, January 7th, 2005 at 05:51 PM

…is apparently a concept unknown to many members of my Snipers Team.

Last Wednesday when we rolled onto the rink with many of our team missing, and looked at the opposing team’s full roster who were warming up, I knew this would be a tough game. We ended up being down 3-0 by the half and that’s when things started to get really nasty. Arguing over the ref’s calls, cheap shots at the other team, and a general team meltdown ensued for the rest of the next period. For the grand finale, our frustrated goalie purposely hooked the ref and got us a nice forfeit loss…not that it was the reason for our loss–by then we were losing 5-0 anyway.

It was pretty shameful the way my team was acting. It’s just my personality to stay away from conflict, but I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep optimistic. I was totally with the ref on calling the game, because things were escalating downhill. We had three guys on in the penalty box , only two on the court, and one left on the bench!

I understand being competitive and all, but this was more like a tantrum. We’re now 3-2, still tied for 1st place.

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