MacWorld ’05!

Posted Tuesday, January 11th, 2005 at 05:40 PM

Here I am at the Moscone Center in San Fran at MacWorld ’05 among many others blogging about their experiences.

Apple just announced the Ipod Shuffle and the $500 “Mac Mini,” a 6.5″ square, 2″ high Mac with no monitor! This thing is tiny! Anyone who’s complained about Mac’s high prices (which were valid) can now buy one for the price of a Dell and get a much stylish computer with a much better Os than Windows and a software package thrown in that would cost another $500 if you were to buy comparable PC software.

Coming from a PC background, once I sat down and used a Mac for an afternoon, I could honestly say without bias that Macs are better. Definitely much better for the graphics-type, but also better in my opinion for the every day person. Apple’s software is much more visual and intuitive than anything that I’ve seen for the PC.

“I hate Macs” is a belief only for the ignorant or for those who have only used a Mac with OS 9 (I agree that it was bad).

I’m pretty sure my next computer is going to be a Mac. Man that banana bread was good this morning…

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