– a Shameless plug

Posted Thursday, January 13th, 2005 at 02:10 AM

My best work yet–a redesign of Manuel It’s not that the the design breakthrough, but it’s what’s under the hood–it’s web-standards friendly, completely built in built mostly in CSS. My first one. Thanks, Mac for letting your site be my guinea pig.

A little bit of explanation for the non-web geeks, a.k.a. normal people: Because of the relatively new technology of the Internet and infancy of browsers, us web designers have always been forced to manipulate tables for web page layout. Tables were never meant for this purpose. Now, with newer browsers like Firefox and Mac’s Safari fully supporting Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we can now separate the layout and design from the actual content, keeping them in separate files. If Mac shoud want a redesign later, all I would have to do is change the CSS file. MANY more web-geeky advantages would put the general public to sleep…

Because it’s my first [mostly] web-standards website, there’s bound to be some problems, especially for those of you with older non-compliant browsers like IE 5 and below and Netscape 4. If you run into quirky problems, e-mail me and let me know.

Look for a CSS redesign of this site pretty soon.

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