Thoughts on The Big Game

Posted Monday, February 7th, 2005 at 12:30 PM

Yay, the Patriots win…again. Actually, I was hoping the Patriots would win, not because I particularly like them, but mostly because I T.O. really irks me. The whole time he was with our 49ers he was a pain. I thought the Eagles actually played better than the Patriots, if not for the turnovers that killed them.

Nice halftime show
Who can not like Paul McCartney performing Beatles hits that everyone can sing along to? It’s a lot better than the over the top antics of the past couple superbowls that I’ve kind of half-watched. Paul should’ve taken off his shirt though and shown a nipple.

Is it just me, or are commercials becoming less of a big deal? The best commercials this year were the “You’re getting robbed” and the spaghetti sauce and cat ones, though I don’t think they served their purpose because I can’t remember was it was advertising.

Superbowl XXIII is still the best Superbowl of all time.

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