Diaper Rashes Hurt the Whole Family

Posted Monday, February 14th, 2005 at 12:11 PM

Chesney and I spent the entire weekend changing Caleb’s diapers and clothes. Caleb somehow acquired a stomach virus and because of the constant diarreah and vomitting, he was very dehydrated–the doctor said on Saturday if he was still dehydrated and lethargic by the next day we should bring him to the ER.

The hardest thing for us is treating Caleb’s pretty bad diaper rash he developed because of his constant dirty diapers (he’s only had a diaper rash one other time in his life). Even though it’s for his own good, it’s so painful to see Caleb in pain when we change his diapers. Poor kid. Fortunately, he drank enough yesterday that we didn’t feel like we needed to bring him into the ER, but he’s still not 100% yet. So keep praying for the little guy.

It’s true that you can never fully understand parenting (and appreciate your own parents) until you become one yourself. Just a year ago I didn’t appreciate my own parents as much as I do today! This first year of being is a great, rewarding experience, but is also challenging and down-right brutal at times.

UPDATE: 11:30 pm
Caleb is now at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz. Chesney’s staying with him tonight while I sit here at home for the night and worry. Apparently, while I was at work today, Caleb got worse and stopped eating and drinking anything altogether.

Chesney took him to the ER where I met them earlier this afternoon. His doctor advised that he should stay overnight and get some fluids in him.

He seemed to be sleeping peacefully when I left. If you have a minute, please pray for him and the next couple days.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Us.

UPDATE: 15 Feb 2005 11:45 am
Caleb’s improved a lot this morning. He was active, playing, and most importantly, eating and drinking. This is much better than yesterday. Hopefully he’s doing well enough that we’ll be able to get him home sometime today.

UPDATE: 15 Feb 2005 11:55 pm
Unfortunately, the Dr. Coulson didn’t think Caleb had improved enough to go home. The rest of the day Caleb was up and down–sometimes he would be sleepy and not want to eat or drink, and sometimes he was alert and eating. He still has the runs, and that was the deciding factor for another night in the hospital.

They did take him off fluids to see how well we would drink on his own. Pray for Chesney too–she hasn’t gotten much sleep in the last 2 days and has spent all but a few hours of those 2 days in a small 8 x 12 room. It’s physically draining and emotionally exhausting for all of us to be in this situation.

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