Keep Up With a News Feed Reader

Posted Friday, March 4th, 2005 at 07:17 PM


My NetNewsWire

My Feedreader

Do you keep up on a lot of websites and blogs? If you’re not using one already, you need to use a News feed reader. These little programs are great. You tell it which sites to watch, and it will notify you whenever there is a new post or news item. No need to keep opening up 9 blogs in my browser just to see if there’s anything new.

Net News Wire for the Mac and Feedreader for the PC are two such programs and they make life a lot easier AND they’re both free.

There’s also an online feed reader, Bloglines, that does the same thing once you create a free account. With Bloglines your subscriptions are kept online, so you can access them from anywhere, work or home, and you can share your subsciptions with others. Here’s mine.

There’s even 3 feeds for this site and the main site, Install Feedreader, click “New Subscribtion” and enter feed url. Anytime I post something new, you’ll be notified! While you’re at it, go to your favorite site and look for any of these orange icons and subscribe to their feeds.

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