A Weekend with the Family

Posted Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 at 03:55 AM


I think I’ve now almost recuperated from the long weekend of driving. Man, driving down to LA is rough, but all the way down to Escondido is killer, especially with the gas prices!

It was worth it though–I got to spend time with my family for longer than several hours, which is how long I get to spend with them when they come up to visit. Without having to worry about time, we had a great time hanging out, talking, watching movies, and even playing a board game.

Besides Chesney (and Caleb, I guess), my family are the only other people I feel like I can truly be myself (…Chesney could argue that this is not such a good thing). It felt good just to talk about dumb guy stuff with my brothers, to simply catch with how things are going with my parents, and to see what kind of a person Rachel is growing up to be. Can’t get all of that through e-mails or even phone calls.

So thanks family, it was a great weekend! Let’s do it again sometime.

By the way, there are photos from the weekend posted on timches.com

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