An Air Purifier that Pollutes?

Posted Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 at 12:10 PM

Consumer Reports released a finding in their May issue that reports that the much advertised Shaper Image Ionic Beeze Air Purifier not only doesn’t work, but actually makes air quality worse by releasing large amounts of ozone into the air, making air quality especially bad for asthma sufferers…like me–we own one of these!

We bought an older model a couple years ago when we lived above smokers whose smoke came through the vents and into our apartment. Not such a good thing, especially when Chesney was pregnant. I have to say, it does it job (or i think it does) of eliminating odors. It got rid of the smoke odor and now takes care of Caleb’s diaper smell.

Because this report isn’t just a rumor from a tabloid or some obscure website, it’s being taken very seriously–so seriously that The Sharper Image’s stock has plummeted! There’s a good story on the whole issue in The Washington Post.

If this finding is accurate (and it sounds like it is), I smell a lawsuit a’comin’. Maybe I can feign frequent asthma attacks and join in (just kidding).

On a side note, the Sharper Image’s marketing of this product has done its job. This thing isn’t cheap and is a best seller for the company.

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