Nikon D50

Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2005 at 04:28 AM

The new Nikon D50 comes out in June–smaller, lighter, and cheaper than its big brother, the famous D70. DPReview has a hands-on preview of the D50 already up.

In comparison with the D70, for the lower price you lose the second command-dial, lose the plastic lcd protector, and get a slightly slower fps. It’s got the same solid build-quality of the D70. It’s still the “only” 6.1 MP, as opposed to the 8.2 MP you get with the Rebel XT, but given Nikon’s superb image quality, that doesn’t matter much.

The black version looks a whole lot better than the really ugly fake photos of the silver D50 that were circulating around the web earlier this month. The real silver version isn’t much better-looking than those fake photos though…

On the subject of photography, Canon just posted new firmware for the 20D. With all the dead 20Ds after the last firmware upgrade, I’ll let other users upgrade first…

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