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The Malabuyos Are in Town

Chesney, Caleb, and I just got back from the annual Malabuyo camping trip. Malabuyos, former Malabuyos, significant others of Malabuyos, and all invited, from all over the Bay Area gather together and converge on one spot for a weekend of gluttony, days at the beach, and catching up on the last year. |inline

Rebirth! …Kind of.

In theory, the rollover to the new design could have gone worse. In theory. I got the initial design up, but then found out that WordPress has some limitations in where you can write pages to. I can’t say that WordPress is fully capable as a true content management system. Only the bare bones functionality of the site is up, and parts of it look as though I haven’t been doing this for the past 8 years (wow, a third of my entire life), but I’ll be working on it off and on over the next couple days, so check back often. And thanks for the comments and suggestions that have already come in.

Perspective, People, Perspective!

Ok, I really REALLY don’t get why everybody is so excited to criticize the U.S. Military. When was the last time I listened to the news on my way to work and not heard a story about some investigation into a U.S. solider shooting up a car speeding through a checkpoint, abuse this, abuse that… And now, abuse at Guantanamo Bay has been declared again and the U.S. has been compared to Nazis yet again–a nut brain statement usually reserved for big-mounted hollywood stars or Bush hating lefties–but this time, by a one of our own U.S. Senators! |inline

Another “iPod Killer”

The Cowon iAudio, another hard drive based mp3 player that has a feature set that beats the pants off the iPod. It’s another iPod killer that nobody will probably buy.

A New Appreciation For Home-Cookin’

SuperSize Me! is a pretty powerful documentary that I’m guessing will stay in my head for a while. That’s probably why I had to write about it. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, who willingly goes 30 days eating nothing McDonald’s food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. |inline

Backpack it!

I have been using Basecamp to manage my projects both at CityTeam and for Blue Sphere Studios, and it’s become indespensable. From the same makers of Basecamp comes Backpack, a smaller, lighter, but more versatile version. I signed up when it came out (it’s free), but just started using it for my personal, non-work, to do lists around the house. |inline

May Randoms

Cousin Dave mentioned that I should write more about stuff other than design and the web more, so here you go–two non-techie posts in a row! |inline