May Randoms

Posted Sunday, June 5th, 2005 at 10:28 AM

Cousin Dave mentioned that I should write more about stuff other than design and the web more, so here you go–two non-techie posts in a row!

You get what you pay for
Chesney asked for some cheapo knives when we were getting married, and got them, just as we wished. Neither of us thought there would be that much difference between the $30 set of knives with a block and the $200 one. Metal is metal right? Well I got Chesney a set of Henckels knvies, a quality brand name and a good deal more expensive than $30, and we found out that there are, in fact, a few differences:

  • The Henckels set is made out of steel. I don’t know what our old set is made of, but our new set actually has some weight to it…like real metal. On second thought, our old set must be metal, too, because it certainly rusts a lot.
  • The Henckels set is sharp. I almost cut my hand today because I used one of the new knives and applied just as much force that I used to use with the old knives to cut the top off a strawberry.
  • The Henckels makes food taste better. Chesney’s dishes have been awesome since she started using the new knives.

Ok, there might be some other reason for the 3rd point, but just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. It’s like the difference between buying a Mac and a Dell (I couldn’t resist).

Business is good
Thanks in large part to Phil, I’ve gotten a lot of contract jobs lately. More than I should probably take on. To make matters worse, Lem has gotten me addicted to Guild Wars, a MMORPG much like Star Wars Galaxies, the game that the cousins are addicted to. Leisure is so much more fun than work.

Weekend notes
My weekend down in Escondido with my parents and siblings was a lot of fun. I haven’t cried because of laughing so hard in a long time, but for some reason, Lem and Oliver can make that happen easily. But, as fun as it was, I missed Chesney and Caleb a lot those 3 days I was away.

I Will Die Before Chesney
The problem is that I enjoy frapuccinos, donuts, candy, and generally anything that’ s really unheathly. The only thing that’s keeping me from dying in my 30’s is the fact that I am repulsed by burgers at fast food places. I always get the chicken nuggets–now those are way more healthy…

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