Backpack it!

Posted Thursday, June 9th, 2005 at 01:11 PM

I have been using Basecamp to manage my projects both at CityTeam and for Blue Sphere Studios, and it’s become indespensable. From the same makers of Basecamp comes Backpack, a smaller, lighter, but more versatile version. I signed up when it came out (it’s free), but just started using it for my personal, non-work, to do lists around the house.

With the free account, you get to create 5 pages–if you’re using it like me, that essentially means 5 projects. Check out an example of my “Yard Work” page, which I made public for anyone to see:

Yard Work” to do list (in a new window)

What you’ll see is just for viewing, but on my end, I can add new to do items, notes, pictures, files, give anyone I choose to be able to view and add stuff (via e-mail). The great thing about web apps like this is that there are no ties to a certain computer–you can access it anywhere there’s a computer and internet.

It’s free, so if you need to get organized, and don’t do well with post-it notes, sign up and give it a try. I highly recommend it.

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