A New Appreciation For Home-Cookin’

Posted Thursday, June 16th, 2005 at 02:25 AM

SuperSize Me! is a pretty powerful documentary that I’m guessing will stay in my head for a while. That’s probably why I had to write about it. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, who willingly goes 30 days eating nothing McDonald’s food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now you can probably guess how that went for him. I heard here and there from others that it was pretty surprising, so I was expecting pretty crazy stuff, but I was still shocked at what I saw. Even the 3 doctors and nutritionist on the documentary were surprised at what happened!

Some of the tidbits that will stay in my head forever…

  • In the first 5 days of his new McDiet, Morgan gained 10 pounds
  • Morgan health seriously declined, to the point that the doctors he was consulting were pleading with him to go off the diet because it was becoming life-threatening!
  • He was actually physically addicted to the food–going through minor withdrawls in between meals
  • It took him something like 9 months to get back to the same weight he was at when he started the expiriment
  • In a separate expiriment, after 10 weeks, McDonald’s fries looked exactly the same as the day they were bought!

I think he was trying make the case that fast food is largely responsible for this country’s obescity, but I still don’t buy it. Taking personal responsibility is completely non-existent in this country.

Lem had a slightly different response to the movie than normal people.

Fortunately, since about the end of college, I personally have been grossed out by burgers (with the exception of an occasional In-n-Out burger), so I haven’t had much nasty fast food in a while, and haven’t gone to McDonalds in years. So at least when I die way before Chesney because of my junk food tendencies, it won’t be because of fast food.

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