Perspective, People, Perspective!

Posted Saturday, June 18th, 2005 at 12:19 AM

Ok, I really REALLY don’t get why everybody is so excited to criticize the U.S. Military. When was the last time I listened to the news on my way to work and not heard a story about some investigation into a U.S. solider shooting up a car speeding through a checkpoint, abuse this, abuse that… And now, abuse at Guantanamo Bay has been declared again and the U.S. has been compared to Nazis yet again–a nut brain statement usually reserved for big-mounted hollywood stars or Bush hating lefties–but this time, by a one of our own U.S. Senators!

Can we please get some perspective, for crying out loud!? When was there a time in the history of the world, that prisoners of war have been treated so humanely? We allow them to have Korans and practice their religion (the very religion that was cause of their attacking us in the first place, I might add), they have special Islam-friendly meals, and the conditions are far, far better than say, a cave where angry hooded men are waiting to cut your head off.

Abuse, you say? Being forced to listen to loud rap music? Torture? PLEASE. Geneva Convention violations! Really? Well, if we really did abide by the Geneva Convention, they would all have been executed by now. Yup, that’s right–the fact that they tried to blend in with civilians, hid their weapons in civilian homes and mosques, and were not uniformed soliders makes them eligible for the firing squad treatment.

Now, I’m sure that the U.S. is doing worse than what we know of to interrogate these guys–you can guess that just by watching an episode of 24. But even so, is that really grounds for a comparison with the Nazi regime, who killed millions in their death camps? How many have died at Gitmo? The answer is 0. Not surprisingly, a particular group is a little miffed. No matter where you fall politically, you’ve got to agree that any such comparison, when stated as an actual argument on the senate floor, is just a very, very stupid thing to say!

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