The Malabuyos Are in Town

Posted Monday, June 27th, 2005 at 03:20 PM

Chesney, Caleb, and I just got back from the annual Malabuyo camping trip. Malabuyos, former Malabuyos, significant others of Malabuyos, and all invited, from all over the Bay Area gather together and converge on one spot for a weekend of gluttony, days at the beach, and catching up on the last year.

This year was great because it was only a half hour away near Watsonville. When Caleb wouldn’t go to sleep in the tent, we just packed up and drove home, slept in our own beds, and just drove back the next morning for breakfast. Uncle Jupiter surprised us again with the easter island boxers worn over on top of his pants, we celebrated Ryan’s birthday, drilled Mac on the new girlfriend, Caleb joined the next generation of cousins in some fun beach playtime, and the always fun and entertaining Line Game turned heads at the beach.

Lem couldn’t make it this year because of some best friend’s wedding, but it’s ok because I just heard that he met a girl there. So, if it ends up in marriage, all is forgiven.

Pictures from the weekend are up on

(Mac has a girlfriend)

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