Bulletproof Web Design

Posted Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 at 06:36 PM

Jeffery Zeldman’s Designing With Web Standards was the creed of web standards and Dan Cederolm’s Web Standards Solutions was the real-world implementation of that creed. It was the one book that got me off the ground in designing with CSS, and if I could only have one book in my web design library, Web Standards Solutions would be it.

Dan doesn’t even need to convince me to buy his new book, Bulletproof Web Design. In fact, I didn’t even read his annoucement all the way through and I was already clicking “add to cart” in Amazon. Well, maybe not, but that’s how valuable I place Dan’s web design writing.

When my friend Daniel got to attend Web Design World in San Francisco last January (lucky bas… guy), he was telling me that most of the people there were only hearing about web standards and designing in CSS for the first time, while he said a lot of the conference was proselethising the exact same stuff that was heralded in Zeldman’s book. I was floored–to me, it seemed like any web designer who was up to date within the last year would be running–not walking to web standards. Not so. I plead with web designers to get the word out. The faster all websites are being built in CSS, the better off the web will be.

For anybody just starting out with designing websites with web standards in mind, Designing With Web Standards and Web Standards Solutions are must haves. If Bulletproof Design is anything like Dan’s last book, could be more required (but fun!) reading.

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