Don’t Drop Your Camera

Posted Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 at 01:02 PM

I take a lot of pictures, and now that Chesney has her ebay business going, my 20D has been seeing a lot of use. I’ve put it off for far to long–after I dropped my camera onto pavement the second time (yes, the second time), I decided it was time to pay money and buy a decent camera gear bag that would hold all my stuff safely.

Tamrac Model 706
The Tamrac 706 in all its glory.

I already have a holster bag in case I want to only bring my camera, and liked backpacks, but didn’t like that they didn’t make the camera readily available, so I decided on a shoulder bag…one like Lem’s Canon bag. I visited the local camera shop and checked out the models that they had on hand. The Lowepros were nice and are pretty popular in the forums, but were a little pricey. Tamrac had some bags that were comparable but cheaper, so I found one that I liked which was the right size for my camera system: the Tamrac 706 (I actually thought it was overpriced, so I went home and found a slightly used one on ebay for less than a 1/3rd of the cost).

My gear
My gear minus the camera

The 706 Model was about the right size for my setup: my camera, a telephoto, two zooms, a prime, and a flash, with room to grow. I liked that it didn’t look like one of those boxy soft case coolers.

A closeup of the materials
A close up of the
quality materials

Like Lowepro, Tamrac build quality is excellent. It’s made out of heavy duty stuff, which I don’t imagine will rip or tear easily. Padding wrapped with leather covers the handle and the shoulder strap, and the metal clasps that attach the shoulder strap to the bag are solid and strong. Alternatively, I could detach the shoulder strap and use the bag as a hip pouch. Lastly, it has loops at the bottom to attach a tripod.

So far, I’m very happy with the bag. It’s a great quality, inexpensive bag which will keep my camera keep safe and padded in case I drop it again. Since it’s a shoulder bag, It wouldn’t be too comofortable after long hikes, but I don’t do too much of that anymore.

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