Les Misérables in San Francisco

Posted Thursday, July 14th, 2005 at 03:44 PM

I suprised the beautiful Chesney last night and took her to the hit broadway musical, Les Misérables, in San Francisco. Being the only one of my extended family who hasn’t seen it, and spurred on see it by the fact that Mac and AJ saw it a second time earler this year, I thought it was finally time.

Since meeting Chesney, I’ve seen a lot of plays, just because her family goes to see a lot of them, but I had never seen this one, which seems to be the favorite of many. I had looked up prices earlier this summer when I heard that it was in town, but wrote it off because it was so expensive. A few weeks ago I happened to see some postings for last minute tickets on Craigslist, and added the search, “Les Miserables” to my feed and waited. A week went by, and I acquired tickets that were less than half the price at the box office. I was proud.

Chesney and I sat in the 7th row, a mere 15 or so feet away from the stage–the best seats i’ve ever had, and it really does make a difference in the experience. Contrary to Mac and AJ’s review of their show, ours was amazing.

Since my uncles and aunts and older cousins had seen it years ago and are all very musical, I grew up listening to the songs. Growing up, I guess I had my own “live” performances of the songs in my cousins’ living room, where an uncle and aunt would sing, accompanied by a cousin on the piano. It was a little strange finally seeing the show and hearing the songs in context.

The performances by the actors/actresses who played Jean Veljean, Javert, and Eponine were especially worthy of praise. The whole show was very intense and very moving, and because I’m a sensitive guy, I’ll risk the ridicule and admit that I felt my eyes water a bit at the end of Jean Veljean’s life. (But that’s all. No actual tears. Honest.)

At the end of the evening, I think I scored a few points with Chesney. She loved the show, and the whole evening out.

(Guys, take your better half to a broadway play–they’ll love it!)

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