Oh, the Irony…

Posted Saturday, July 23rd, 2005 at 11:49 PM

Apple and IBM, side by side
Brandon’s G5 and an IBM box.

CityTeam furnished Brandon and I with brand new PC’s. My Compaq was replaced by a faster 2.8 ghz IBM, which looks funny sitting next to my Mac, given Apple’s recent breakup with IBM for their future processors. It’s obvious, from the juxtaposition, which of the two companies spends millions in research and development, including the styling of their boxes, because man, IBM’s machine is just horrid, especially when placed right next to the minimal, industrial, anodized-alumninum design of a G5 PowerMac.

I’m now running Windows and Mac OS X literally side by side on 3 monitors, using Synergy to use the same mouse and keyboard between both machines. It’s a pretty sweet setup, especially for browser testing. (It’s funny, by the way, that I still have people come to my desk who are blown away by a dual-monitor setup, since I’ve been using dual monitors for as long as I have owned my own computer).

I find myself using my Windows machine less and less these days, but I have to say that the 2.8 ghz w/2 gigs of ram is pretty snappy, compared with the 2 ghz/1 gig of ram of my ram, so the new machine is nice to have.

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