Six Hour Drive Well Worth it

Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2005 at 11:14 PM

Since mom and dad’s furlough is up and they went back for another term in the Philippines two weeks ago, Lem and I took on the responsibility of getting Oliver and Nem (part of the family already!) back to Biola for his next year at Biola. I took the first leg of the trip, from Vallejo to Ventura, and Lem took him the rest of the way down.

Because Oli, Lem and I were driving down to visit Lem anyway, we might as well make it fun. We planned a LAN Party in Ventura for the special occassion. For those of you who don’t know, a LAN Party is where a bunch of geeks game enthusiasts get together with their computers, network them together, and play endless hours of networked computer games while snacking on heart disease pizza, licorice, and soda.

Warning: The following is very, very nerdy.

Early in the summer I started playing Guild Wars with Lem and his friends, and we formed a guild. [And warred. Hence the name, Guild Wars! (I made that part up myself) ] Well, after voice chatting with these guys while gaming all summer, I finally got to meet these guys face to face at that LAN Party. Apparently, I was thought to be bigger because of my deep voice. Cousins Mac and AJ joined us and caravaned with Oli, Nem, and I down to Ventura for the event.

The site of the LAN party was awesome. Besides being a great gaming site, our hosts provided lots to snack on, and owned a wide variety of instruments to jam on, including many many guitars, a slew of guitars, a keyboard, and a drum kit which I loved. Thanks Todd and Tim for letting us take over your house!

Pictures of the Lan Party are up on Flickr. I didn’t bring my camera, so I used Tim’s–thanks Tim.

Being second in seniority there, and being the only guy with a wife and kid, I kinda felt my age, especially when I fell asleep before everyone else, took a break to call Chesney and Caleb to say goodnight, and felt the constant nagging feeling that I really had more important things to do. The last time I was at a LAN Party was back in my early college days when I worked as a computer tech at R-Computer. Oh well, I have the right to treat myself once in a while to getting nothing productive done!

Plugs for other blog entries from people who were there: Mac, Matt, and AJ (let me know if there are more).

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