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Hockey is BACK

It’s hockey season. The Sharks may be losing, but at least they’re playing. I also played my first game of hockey in months. I quit the Scotts Valley league both to save some money and to save time.

I woke up bright and early at 4:45 am on a Saturday to spend $2.87/gallon on gas on a drive an hour and 45 minutes away (with a nice $3.00 bridge toll along the way) to Benicia, where my cousins play every week on their outdoor court. After a few months of no physical activity to speak of, suddenly playing a full 2 hours of hockey wasn’t such a great idea. It was fun but not great for my aging, now 26-year-old body. I got tired after 10 minutes and subbed myself out far more times than any of my teammates. Yes, I’m weak. Keeping in shape is definitely something you have to work at.

Cousins, thank you for giving me the first reason to get up freaking early on a Saturday morning since the Smurfs.

Where were you Mac? Seminary? Pfft. What’s more important…?

I was planning on joining the league again this season, but missed the deadline. Andrew, you need to get back here so I have someone to play with.

Aperture and the Photographer – a Match Made in Heaven?

Screenshot of ApertureTo say that Apple’s been busy is quite the understatement. The iPod Nano, the video-capable iPod, iTunes 5…then 6, new iMacs, upgraded PowerBooks, dual-core PowerMacs. The coolest thing for me so far was announced today, their own new image-editing / image-management app, Aperture. By the way, that’s just the coolest name–for an app that’s aimed directly at Pro Photographers, there isn’t a word that captures photography better. |inline

37 Signals Manifesto

I know it’s old, but I only stumbled upon the 37 Signals Manifesto. Whether or not you agree with their design and development methodology, they do have great ideas and great points outlined in their manifesto and is a great read.

New iPods

Apple today announced new video-capable iPods. Their screens are larger, they’re thinner, 30% smaller than the previous generation of iPods, and Just like the Nano, they come in black or white. TV shows are available for $2/episode.

Photos From the Gulf Coast

I got back from a week in the Gulf Coast last Saturday, but haven’t had a chance to put up photos on my site until now.

It was a hard trip, both physically and emotionally, but it definitely a worthwhile and eye-opening experience. I traveled to shelters in Baton Rouge and Bay St. Louis, and saw the devastation in Waveland, MS and New Orleans itself. What I will remember most are the people that I talked to, who have survived and are enduring and rebuilding.

See the photos here.

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