Aperture and the Photographer – a Match Made in Heaven?

Posted Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 at 06:06 PM

Screenshot of ApertureTo say that Apple’s been busy is quite the understatement. The iPod Nano, the video-capable iPod, iTunes 5…then 6, new iMacs, upgraded PowerBooks, dual-core PowerMacs. The coolest thing for me so far was announced today, their own new image-editing / image-management app, Aperture. By the way, that’s just the coolest name–for an app that’s aimed directly at Pro Photographers, there isn’t a word that captures photography better.

I’m not pro photographer, but at my amatuer photographer skin tingled at the features. Among them:

  • Non-destructible Image Processing – rather than having multiple copies of a photo, each version that you save is dynamically generated from the untouched master.
  • Virtual light-table – Being able to lay out photos and see which ones go best together with other photos is something that got lost in the whirlwind of digital photography, and Aperture brings it back!
  • Stacks – a new way of grouping similar photos or versions of the same photo.
  • Automatic Color Conversion – Something I never fully understood is now handled completely by Aperture. I can’t tell how frustrating it is to see the colors that come out of the printer way off from what I see on-screen.
  • Book Printing – Create a photo album right in Aperture, and order it. Much more customizable than the same feature in iPhoto.
  • Powerful Image Tagging with Keyword Heirarchies – Time to organize that huge photo database!

Ok, it’s true that I’ve turned into somewhat of an Apple fanboy in the last year, but Lem, Daniel…anyone else that’s into Photography: I dare you to watch all of the 5 video quicktours and not be excited about it. I’d like to you know your thoughts.

We’ll see how the professional reviewers treat it when it comes out in a couple months. I admit, it’s no Photoshop, but it’s got a little bit of a different focus. It would work well to complement Photoshop, but if I was a professional photographer and could only buy one, I think, dare I say it, Aperture is better suited to my needs. Hey, people were skeptical when Apple entered the video editing world with Final Cut, but now it’s probably the most popular video editing suite with amateur to semi-pro videographers.

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