Sharks Feeding Frenzy

Posted Thursday, December 8th, 2005 at 06:33 AM

[UPDATE] The photos are up on CityTeam’s Flickr album.

Me with the Sharks
Hanging out with the guys: Marcel Gok (11), Christian Ehrhoff (44), Nolan Schaefer (31), and Grant Stevenson (55…or 37). Niko Dimitrakos (23), Milan Michalek (9), and Josh Lanfeld (24) arrived later.

I got to meet some 49ers last month because of their generosity in partnering with CityTeam, and today I got to meet seven (eight if you count Sharky) of my San Jose Sharks, when they came to help distribute boxes upon boxes of food donations to various local charities–CityTeam included.

The event was on CityTeam’s turf, I had a “backstage pass” during the whole thing. But the players were great and were very accessible to everyone that was there. To me, they have a good kind of celebrity status: not too insanely famous where you get recognized everywhere you go, but only famous to the fans of a sport which, let’s face it, doesn’t have much popularity.

It was awesome to get to meet these guys, players of a hockey team that my brothers, cousins and I grew up watching and trying to imitate on the rink. If I were smart I would’ve brought a Sharks jersey for them to sign. First I would have to get a Sharks jersey. I guess I could have at least brought my Sabotage jersey. Oh well, that probably wouldn’t have been good while on the job anyway.

More photos via the CityTeam website and Flickr to come…

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