Farewell CityTeam, Hello McAfee

Posted Saturday, December 10th, 2005 at 12:55 PM


From CityTeam to McAfee

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. I will be starting a new job this Monday at McAfee, as a “Web UI (User Interface) Designer.” I will be leaving behind many friends and a thriving ministry that God has allowed me to be a part of for the last four years.

During those four years, I definitely “grew up” as a web designer, as you can see from pictures of the versions of CityTeam website over the years. The last is a screenshot of a fully Web Standards compliant redesign of CityTeam that never was. Brandon and I worked on it over the last year, but will not finish it before my time is up at CityTeam.

CityTeam.org, 2002
2002, the existing website when I joined CityTeam
CityTeam.org, 2002-2003
CityTeam.org, 2003-2005
CityTeam.org, 2006?

This last year I’ve been able to get out from behind my desk and really see CityTeam in action, hands-on, from a trip to Louisiana and Mississippi in September, to radiothons with KFAX, to partnerships with the 49ers and the Sharks to help the community.

Thank you CityTeam, for the privilege of working with such movitated, passionate, Godly people. And a special thanks for my marketing team, current and past, who were wonderful to work with and all great friends: Carol, Marie, Cheri, Brandon, and Ernest. I wish the best for you guys, and I’m sure that God will bring the perfect (dare I say, better) person to fill the gap.

McAfee Web UI Team

At McAfee I will be working with a fairly large UI Team of 16 designers and developers, which is really exciting. I will also be working in an environment that uses Web Standards, something that I have been very passionate about and have been trying to spread. Career-wise, it’s a great move.

It will also allow Chesney to stay home with Caleb, which is something we have not been able to do thus far, financially. It will also allow her to take a break from her recent string of bad experiences with jobs. So, blessings all-around and in abundance!

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