First Week at McAfee

Posted Friday, December 16th, 2005 at 10:35 PM

Tim Malabuyo, web UI designer

I arrived at McAfee bright and early at 8:00 am, excited and ready with the expected first-day jitters. My first new job in a while, so I had forgotten what it felt like. For a guy who moved 6 times and held several different jobs just while I was in college, it used to be a familiar feeling!

As I pulled in, there were only two cars in the parking lot. Hmmm… I didn’t have a badge yet, so I couldn’t get in and start working. I found out that nobody in my department had arrived anyway, so I came back at 9. …and then again at 10. Thankfully, by then, Nathan, one of the guys who interviewed me, and who happens to be the other Christian on the UI team, was there to show me around and introduce me to everyone.

My new cubicle
This is the neatest and most-organized this desk will ever be.

Coming from a non-profit and their way of doing things, McAfee can only be described as bigger. Well, except for my cubicle. At CityTeam I had a large corner cubicle by the window, and now at McAfee I’ve got an smaller one on the inside of the building. But other than that, I’m now working with a large UI team of designers and developers, which in turn is just a part of the effort that makes up McAfee’s website. The site is vast, as is the building. I must look very confused because people are always asking if I need help finding something. By the end of the week I am now able to find the break room, and more importantly, one of the bathrooms without getting lost.

The team of guys and girls I work with are all really friendly and fun. They know the value of taking breaks! I enjoyed a nice game of doubles ping pong the other day, and will have to try out the fooz ball and pool table sometime. It’s also a pretty diverse, “Californian” team–in the last team meeting I took note: 5 girls, 7 guys, from just about every race and religion. Every Friday we go out for lunch and my first Friday lunch was at a good Thai restaurant in downtown Mountain View.

As far as work goes, I haven’t been given too much responsibility yet, though what I have done has been fun. In contrast with my work at CityTeam, where I was the go-to guy for all things web/photo/video, my job here seems to be very focused on just a set of XHTML/CSS tasks–which isn’t bad at all, since I consider it fun! I’ll sure miss going out to the CityTeam sites and covering events like a photographer, but maybe I’ll get to do that on my own time for CityTeam as a volunteer.

All in all, my first week has been fun! The excitement rush of being at a new job hasn’t died down yet, so I still wake up eager to get to work. I’m sure that enthusiasm will fizzle out after a couple weeks, but if not, even better.

Too bad I’m going to miss the team Christmas cook-out next week because I’ll be taking a nap…while the dentist is pulling out my wisdom teeth! Doesn’t sound fun.

In other news, Lem gets back from Philly today after photographing some CityTeam events there. He’s got some fun experiences to share.

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