It’s a MacWorld

Posted Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 04:18 PM

Here I am sitting in one of the hallways of the Moscone Center blogging away just like at least 30 others who are sitting around me. Except everyone else has Mac notebooks (I stick out like a sore thumb with my blue Toshiba notebook). We have just spent the first 30 minutes of the Expo drooling over demos on the brand-new MacBook Pro and iLife ’06. I’ve been able to walk around a bit and see some of the other exhibitors, but am too excited not to blog about what I just saw. It’s one thing to see everything on the internet, but it’s another thing to see a slick presentation on a new product by an attractive Apple presenter with a hint of a British accent.

There’s several new announcements, but the real star of the show was the long-awaited update to Apple’s notebook line. Apple never fails to surprise. Even with the wild, fantasy rumors of a all-new powerful MacIntel notebook, the MacBook Pro just floored us. Everyone expected a new successor to the iBook, Apple’s consumer line of notebooks, but the MacBook Pro replaces the pro, Powerbook line. It’s now the most advanced notebook in the world, mac or pc. With It’s the largest bump up in speed with a dual-core Intel chip driving speeds 4 times faster than the fastest Powerbook, which until this morning was the fastest Mac available on the market! Among other new features are a 67% brighter screen and a slim 1″ thickness. Multitudes of Powerbook users, frustrated by the lack of speed upgrades in the last 2 years will be dissapointed. Good call in waiting for the MacIntels!

It may be just me, but it seems to me like this year is bigger than last years. More exhibitors, more people, more hooplah. One thing Apple does well is sell their product. I’d imagine that Apple has some of the best and brightest graphic designers and marketing people on the planet. Their award-winning ad campaigns are great, and Apple’s style in general is just superb.

Later I had lunch with some friends from CityTeam just two blocks away and returned to see of the other exhibitors. All in all, a fun day–if you haven’t gone, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience if you love computers and technology.

The Photos
Photos from last year’s MacWorld (and some of Caleb at the zoo)

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