Caleb is Now a Two Year Old

Posted Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006 at 04:29 PM


Caleb had his little birthday party last weekend. He blew out his candles, and was so excited to have that cake! He played with and entertained his guests, and said thank you to everyone for his presents. It has a bad rep, but wow, two is such a cute age.

We took him to see his first movie theater experience. We weren’t sure he would sit through it all, but we decided it was worth a shot. We were pleasantly surprised when Caleb sat through all the previews, all of Curious George, and the credits (great movie, by the way). An no, he didn’t fall asleep. He was really excited to see “the monkey” on such a “big TV.”

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Caleb. Everywhere we go people tell us that he’s not just “so cute,” but that he’s “the perfect baby.” I am of course anything but impartial when it comes to this, but permit a proud dad to brag for a little bit.

  • Caleb is, and always has been, really clean. He was using a fork and spoon long before other babies his age, and never really makes that big of a mess at mealtime, comparatively. He puts his toys away when asked, and helps with clean-up. He even tells us to clean up!
  • Caleb loves his sleep. For a 2-year old, he goes to bed pretty darn easily. We moved him to a toddler bed at just 18 months, and after a bedtime story, he’ll lie down, put his head on his pillow, close his eyes and go to sleep. Sometimes, you just ask him if he’s ready to go to sleep, and he’ll run to his bed and go to sleep without a story. No crying, no pounding on the door to let him out. Chesney and I rejoice.
  • He’s thankfully, not that whinny. We dreaded the terrible twos, but it’s not that bad. It seemed like he went through a few weeks of trying out the tantrum all day every day, but I guess we handled it right because he’s past that. Now tantrums are few (for a two year old). When Chesney went away for the church women’s retreat, Caleb was just a breeze to take care of by myself.
  • He’s potty trained. Just kidding. Not yet, but we hope it’s soon. It would be a nice addition to this list.

We truly lucked out on an “easy kid.” I hope this doesn’t mean we used up all of our “nice” points on this one kid and saved some for the rest.

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