TimChes.com Wishlist

Posted Monday, March 27th, 2006 at 03:11 PM

TimChes.com v5
A little glimpse into the redesign of TimChes.com

A little preview image of the upcoming timches.com redesign that I’ve been working on during my tiny amounts of free time here and there since…November ’05 (World of Warcraft has a lot to do with it not coming out much earlier). I’m close, and I can wrap things up after I finish Chesney’s ebay store design this week. I may submit it to CSS Reboot in May, which would get the site a lot of exposure, but then again, do I want that much traffic to my family’s website from strangers? They would mostly be the web design community, but web designers can be a little strange… It would be nice to get a some exposure and critique from other web designers though.

While the site is still in the works, I wanted to ask you guys, friends and family, what you would like to see out of TimChes.com. Any suggestions? More videos? Any changes to the pictures section? More pictures of me? Better way to navigate the archives? Categories for the updates? Just thought I would throw out the question while I’m still working on the redesign. Gripes as well as suggestions are welcome too. Though a small audience, you guys are the ones who visit it, so you guys would know the problems with the current site.

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