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MacZot and SubEthaEdit

BLOGZOT 2.0 on! They’re working with the blogosphere again to get the word out for SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. We used SubEthaEdit at CityTeam, and it was a great, low-cost alternative to BBedit. With enough bloggers posting about this, MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software by giving away free copies of SubEthaEdit to participants. Here’s to hoping it happens…

BootCamp Provides a Choice

Windows on a Mac
Yep, Windows XP on an iMac

Just like many other Mac owners, I gave BootCamp a spin this weekend and installed Windows XP on my iMac. It was a very surreal experience cruising Windows on the iMac. I love the idea of being able to run Windows when I need it on my Mac, but in straddling the fence this way, I get it from both sides. Windows users: Why did you break the bank in buying a Mac if you want to run Windows? Mac users: why would you even want to put Windows on a Mac when they already are using the clearly superior OS X?


Beware the Spyware

Don’t use IE. Especially if it looks like this. Of course, if it does, then you have much bigger problems than your choice of browser.

Macs do Windows, too

After that one guy won $14k for successfully hacking his way onto putting Windows XP on a Mac, Apple comes out and encourages doing the same thing with their new software, Boot Camp. All of you who want to get a Mac but wanted to play your Windows games…there’s no excuse not to switch now. Get a Mac and use the superior OS X for everything and occassionally switch over to Windows XP for games or whatever. Mac, get a Mac. Cool, very cool.

MacZot + AppZapper = Free!

For OS X users, MacZot has teamed up with AppZapper to bring you AppZapper for free…if they get 259 bloggers to link to it, that is… Crazy and brilliant marketing strategy, and I’m doing my part.