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X3: The Last Stand

Just saw it opening night. All I have to say is, WTF??! (What the fudge)

Stop Doing Acid and Making Your Kids into TV Zombies

Among a multitude of thigns wrong with society in today’s America are two articles that caught my attention today:

Put a TV in Your 2-Year Old’s Room

Wow. When Chesney worked in the school system, I heard stories about utterly moronic (or at least clueless) parents, but it never ceases to amaze me the things that today’s parents do or don’t do. Things that I would just assume would be common sense. I don’t claim to be an expert in parenting, but it doesn’t take a pediatrician to tell me that Caleb is in his most impressionable years. Caleb copies everything he hears or sees, so we are really careful about what he watches.

His favorite character in the world is Spiderman, yet he has never seen either of the Spiderman movies, or even the Spiderman cartoons, because we think it’s not age-appropriate for a 2 year old. No way am I going to let him watch CSI or freakin’ ER with me! I probably would let Caleb watch 2 hours at most of TV if I ever stayed home with him, and Chesney’s even more strict with a 1 hour a day rule. And that’s Sesame Street or cute and cuddly Dora the Explorer, not blood-spurting ER, or autopsy-a-day CSI. We’re not perfect though–we are guilty of sitting him down in front of a TV small periods of time to get some things done.

TiVo is just great because we “TiVo” everything we want to watch (which isn’t much) and watch it whenever we want after Caleb goes to bed.

Kill Yourself Slowly but Surely with Soda

I quit drinking soda and eating candy, cold-turkey three weeks ago, and this article just makes me wish I had quit sooner. I guess I have to open up the boycott to not only soda, but anything carbonated as well. I’ve always been a fan of soda, and we always had soda in the house growing up, and maybe if I quit now I can reverse the effects of 20 years of a bad choice of beverage. Now, if only I could get rid of my love for other junk food…


edit: I did find an old Spiderman cartoon this morning: “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends,” from the 80’s. Caleb and I watched it. I laughed.

“It Sucks. It Just Sucks.”

The words of Jonathan Cheecho echo the same sentiment felt by Sharks fans everywhere. They blew it and lost the Semi-finals to the (now hated) Edmonton Oilers.

After winning the first two games, the Sharks go on to lose the next four in a row. I tip my hat to the Edmonton Oilers’ coaches–boy did they figure it out after game 2. They shut down big Joe Thornton’s passing lanes, closed off Cheecho’s favorite shooting spots, took advantage of the rookie defensemen, and played some great physical hockey.

Not that the Sharks didn’t have their chances. They had a 2-1 lead in game 3 and lost that one. They had a comfortable 3-1 lead in game 4, in Edmonton no less, then managed to completely blow it and lose…miserably. Not by 1. Or even 2. They lost 6-3, and it was downhill to elimination from there.

Darn you, Edmonton. You ended hockey season early for me.

Just a few interesting stats that add to my bitterness:

  • The Sharks were 2 for 35 in their power plays. TWO. No excuse, especially when you have Thornton, Art Ross Trophy winner as the NHL’s high scorer, and Cheecho, Maurice Richard Trophy winner as the league’s top goal-scorer.
  • Until now, the Sharks had never lost a series after winning the first two games.
  • Not since 1995 had the Sharks lost four consecutive games in a playoff series.

More commentary on the subject of choking by Mac and Dave

NHL Playoffs on OLN

I would just like to say that this sucks. I don’t have OLN. I even have Comcast and don’t have OLN. Are the whole rest of the NHL playoffs going to be on OLN? UPDATE: I found this article. If When the Sharks advance, I’m getting digital cable for a month.

Redesigned McAfee Goes Live!

McAfee Redesigned

Old news, in a way. The brand new redesign went up over a month ago, but I wanted to wait until most of the bugs had been worked out writing an entry on it. It has been a fulfulling experience to be part of a team that overhauled their website. As companies are starting to move their websites from old, code-bloated table-based designs to websites that are fully web standards compliant, there will be less and less opportunity to get involved in this process. The death of table-based website design cannot come soon enough.

Working with a large UI team, as well as numerous other departments to get this beast done was another very gratifying experienced. It was interesting to learn how a large company runs.

Here’s a photo set with screenshots comparing the old design to the new design, as well as pictures from the party McAfee threw for everyone involved in the site redesign at St. Peter’s in downtown San Jose. There’s even a rare picture of me or two in there somewhere.

Congrats to the rest of the UI Team! It looks great and we even made it on some well-known sites in the web design world like Meyerweb and Simplebits.

Superman Trailer

Just when you think a movie is going to be cheesy, a good 1 minute trailer with all the best scenes makes you drool. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor looks awesome. And they kept the theme from the old 80’s Superman movies!

The Last Switchfoot Show of their Tour…in Santa Cruz!

...I Dare You to Moooooove...
Some guy took this pic of last night’s concert,
and it’s pretty close to what our view was.

Yes, it was awesome. As I’ve blogged before, Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands, and yet I hadn’t been to one of their concerts until tonight. They were in San Jose several months back at the beginning of their tour, but I couldn’t get anyone to go with me that time. Chesney and Lem joined me this time for a night of long lines, screaming junior high kids, crowds of bad-smelling folks in a smallish venue, but rockin’ good music. There’s just something about seeing a favorite band performing your favorite songs live! You also get a better appreciation of the talent of the band members. They put on a great show!

No pictures this time. Lem got kicked out because of his huge, pro-looking camera. …Even though he knows the photographer that travels with Switchfoot…who was there that night… (I still think you should’ve milked that contact, Lem) . One of needs a little point-and-shoot for times like this.

More Switchfoot crossover controversy on Lem’s MySpace blog.

In other news, Sharks have advanced to the semi-finals! We’ll find out tonight if they’ll play Edmonton or Colorado. ‘Hope it’s Colorado. GO SHARKS!