“It Sucks. It Just Sucks.”

Posted Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 01:27 PM


The words of Jonathan Cheecho echo the same sentiment felt by Sharks fans everywhere. They blew it and lost the Semi-finals to the (now hated) Edmonton Oilers.

After winning the first two games, the Sharks go on to lose the next four in a row. I tip my hat to the Edmonton Oilers’ coaches–boy did they figure it out after game 2. They shut down big Joe Thornton’s passing lanes, closed off Cheecho’s favorite shooting spots, took advantage of the rookie defensemen, and played some great physical hockey.

Not that the Sharks didn’t have their chances. They had a 2-1 lead in game 3 and lost that one. They had a comfortable 3-1 lead in game 4, in Edmonton no less, then managed to completely blow it and lose…miserably. Not by 1. Or even 2. They lost 6-3, and it was downhill to elimination from there.

Darn you, Edmonton. You ended hockey season early for me.

Just a few interesting stats that add to my bitterness:

  • The Sharks were 2 for 35 in their power plays. TWO. No excuse, especially when you have Thornton, Art Ross Trophy winner as the NHL’s high scorer, and Cheecho, Maurice Richard Trophy winner as the league’s top goal-scorer.
  • Until now, the Sharks had never lost a series after winning the first two games.
  • Not since 1995 had the Sharks lost four consecutive games in a playoff series.

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