Watch for Changes…

Posted Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 at 03:36 PM


I may not be the only one in being bad in updating their blog, but I certainly could be the worst. Between busy summer weekends to a recent string of bad health in the family (myself included), to hours of life wasted playing World of Warcraft, I haven’t made the time to write much.

However, an additional reason why I haven’t posted in here lately is because I’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on version 5 that I previewed…3 months ago. Yeah, yeah, I know, back when I posted that I said that I would be done soon, but this time is for real. I’ll probably switch to the redesign tonight, so be sure to check out in the morning.

Why another redesign? (Version five?) Because I’m a designer and I love this stuff.

I’ve redone the pictures section for easier photo browsing and got rid of the pop up photo windows which confused some people. I’ve also switched to a new, faster web host, so no more waiting 1-2 seconds for the pictures to appear on the page. Dreamhost is awesome guys, thanks for the recommendation.

Lastly, I’ve added a true videos section. Now that I’ve got myself an iMac at home, putting together a video clip is faster and easier, so hopefully vidoes will be updated more frequently.

I’ll also proud of what’s under the hood: better coding, better file structure, etc…but I won’t bore you with (more) geek speak. One word of note, there will be some down time for this blog and Chesney’s blog when I do the changeover, since they are just sub-domains of

So check tonight or tomorrow morning. ‘Hope you like it.

…and you thought we were going to close it down…

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