The Annual Ventura Lan Party

Posted Monday, July 31st, 2006 at 02:50 PM


Ventura Lan Party 2006
Is it just me, or do I look the nerdiest?

Last weekend I attended the annual LAN Party with Lem and his group of friends in Ventura. I started playing Guild Wars with Lem and his friends all of last summer, and we played using Ventrillo to voice-chat with each other the whole time. We ended up insulting each other more than actually talking about the game. Anyway, last summer we all got together and I met all of them in person when Mac, AJ, Oliver, Nem, and I drove down to Ventura to join them for the first annual LAN Party.

Just like last year’s LAN party, THIS year was a blast. I made the 5-hour drive by myself this time, since none of my cousins were able to come, Oliver is still in Indonesia, and Chesney just didn’t think playing games with 15 college-age guys was that appealing. I arrived late at around 12:30 am, but the party was just getting started.

When I stepped in and said hi to all the guys, I felt my I.Q. instantly drop a few points as I started to speak in smaller words and 90% of my convesation became friendly insults. There was a lot of laughing, geek speak, and gaming smack-talk. Funny how even one girl in our midst and it would’ve different. Good thing there wasn’t a girl there.

I walked in with my 20″ iMac and started setting it up, and, as expected, heard a few snickers and some guys gave me a hard time saying things said like, “What’s a MAC doing here?” As the night went on though, the group gathered in front my my iMac several times as I showed them what OS X could do. When I booted to Windows, to run some other games, someone actually said “I’ve never seen Windows run this fast on any machine before.” I thought my stylish 20″ iMac looked especially nice sitting beside Lem’s 21″ CRT beast of a monitor. It’s a beautiful monitor, perfect for photo-editing, but man, it’s just insanely huge. And heavy. By the end of the party, my iMac was proclaimed, “the sickest machine here.” Yep, the Mac can duke it out with any PC at a LAN Party.

We played games into the night and into early morning. Some dualed on Guitar Hero, while others played 12 player Warcraft 3. At some point in the night, we even hooked up 3 Gamecubes together and played 12-player Mario Kart Double Dash, which was a blast. Someone had setup Season One of Thundercats on their computer and just let it roll all night. I happened to be sitting near that computer, and I still have the Thundercats theme stuck in my head.

I finally went down at 7:00 am, taking a “break” in between games. When I got up at 10, everyone was out, sprawled out on couches. One poor guy who didn’t have a couch to sleep on resorted to sleeping on the fireplace. Before I knew it, I had my 4 hours of sleep and was back on the road, hyped up on lots of coffee, driving back home to make it for church the next morning.

Thanks guys for an awesome party. You guys may do this all the time, but it’s only once a year for me. As long as there are games to be played and licorice to be eaten, I’ll see to it that I make it out there once a year for our geeky get-together.

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