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Leave of Absence

I said a sad goodbye to all my friends at McAfee Friday afternoon. It’s been a long, fun year, and I’ll miss seeing those guys every day.

I’ll be off the online grid for a good week and a half, so no new posts or pictures for a while. Chesney, Caleb, and I will be cruisin’ in the Mexican Riviera for 8 days–a nice vacation before starting the job at FileMaker. I’ll get online a few times from now until I get back, but I’ll try to control myself… So long everyone, I’ll be back in the middle of Novmeber!

Lots of pictures from our trip!

Caleb’s Room

I was checking in on Caleb late one night and his room was so impressive I turned on the lights and took this picture (make sure to move the mouse over the photo to see the notes).

Goodbye McAfee, Hello FileMaker

Yup, it’s that time of year again: time to change jobs. Well, not really, but it was about this time last year that I left CityTeam for McAfee. Next month I will be starting a brand-new job as “Web Producer” at FileMaker, an Apple company.

Goodbye McAfee, Hello FileMaker

At FileMaker, I’ll get the more casual work environment of a smaller company, but at the same time have the benefits and perks of a huge company like Apple (…like Apple employee discounts!) Sounds like a winning combination to me. I’ve already met some of the people on the web team I will be working with, and it looks like I’ll feel right at home. They have some cool, new things planned for the FileMaker website, and I’m excited to be part of it.

Egad! Internet Explorer 7!

Internet Explorer, the browser that has over 80% of today’s browser market share, has finally been updated to version 7. It’s an optional download, at least for now, but just because of the fact that it’s the browser that ships with Windows Vista, it will undoubtedly be the browser that the majority of people will be using in the near future.

The big thing for people in my line of work is that IE 7 has made many improvements in the way that it renders web standards websites. It’s far from perfect, but what I’m hoping is that there won’t be as many differences in the way a website looks in IE from all other browsers. As I’ve said before, I can design and code a page to look perfectly in Firefox, and it will look more or less the same in all other modern browsers. Then I look at the same website in 5-year-old IE 6, and I spend the next several hours making exceptions and hacks in code to get it to look the same.

For those of you who still are using IE 6, IE 7 has some nice upgrades for you like tabs and a built-in RSS feed reader. Most importantly, it’s more secure. I’ve taken it for a spin in Windows Vista, and it seems pretty nice.

IE 7 requires a legit copy of Windows XP, and restart of your system during the install. You might want to wait a while for all the bugs to be worked out of it before trying it on your system. …or, you could just use FireFox or Opera. Safe browsing everyone–keep your Windows security updates current, and try to avoid using IE 6.

October Randoms

My poor neglected blog. Seeing Mac’s post this morning inspired me to write an entry in here again. Heck, even Lem has written 2 posts on his blog since I’ve blogged last, which is pretty sad. A few things have happened since then:

  • I turned 27, and had two parties where I got some really nice gifts–thanks everyone!
  • Daniel and Lisa, after the longest courtship ever, finally got married. It’s been a long time since my own wedding, but theirs reminded me a lot about ours. Both were outdoors, both had two pastors, both even had Mac playing the piano. The cousins are dropping like flies: Phoebe is getting married in a couple weeks, and David, next October. I love these two upcoming weddings because since Lem’s the photographer for both, it gives me a chance to pretend to be a professional photographer, too.
  • McAfee’s president was canned, and the CEO stepped down. Morale, I would say, around here is hit a new low. Funny thing is, our stock has actually risen since the news broke yesterday.
  • My last season of playing hockey with Mac ended last night. We won our last game 3-2 and made 3rd place. Mac’s moving back to the East Bay and won’t be driving an hour and a half just to play a game of hockey. It was a fun two seasons.

There, a blog entry. Done.