October Randoms

Posted Thursday, October 12th, 2006 at 02:43 PM


My poor neglected blog. Seeing Mac’s post this morning inspired me to write an entry in here again. Heck, even Lem has written 2 posts on his blog since I’ve blogged last, which is pretty sad. A few things have happened since then:

  • I turned 27, and had two parties where I got some really nice gifts–thanks everyone!
  • Daniel and Lisa, after the longest courtship ever, finally got married. It’s been a long time since my own wedding, but theirs reminded me a lot about ours. Both were outdoors, both had two pastors, both even had Mac playing the piano. The cousins are dropping like flies: Phoebe is getting married in a couple weeks, and David, next October. I love these two upcoming weddings because since Lem’s the photographer for both, it gives me a chance to pretend to be a professional photographer, too.
  • McAfee’s president was canned, and the CEO stepped down. Morale, I would say, around here is hit a new low. Funny thing is, our stock has actually risen since the news broke yesterday.
  • My last season of playing hockey with Mac ended last night. We won our last game 3-2 and made 3rd place. Mac’s moving back to the East Bay and won’t be driving an hour and a half just to play a game of hockey. It was a fun two seasons.

There, a blog entry. Done.

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