Egad! Internet Explorer 7!

Posted Thursday, October 19th, 2006 at 01:09 PM


Internet Explorer, the browser that has over 80% of today’s browser market share, has finally been updated to version 7. It’s an optional download, at least for now, but just because of the fact that it’s the browser that ships with Windows Vista, it will undoubtedly be the browser that the majority of people will be using in the near future.

The big thing for people in my line of work is that IE 7 has made many improvements in the way that it renders web standards websites. It’s far from perfect, but what I’m hoping is that there won’t be as many differences in the way a website looks in IE from all other browsers. As I’ve said before, I can design and code a page to look perfectly in Firefox, and it will look more or less the same in all other modern browsers. Then I look at the same website in 5-year-old IE 6, and I spend the next several hours making exceptions and hacks in code to get it to look the same.

For those of you who still are using IE 6, IE 7 has some nice upgrades for you like tabs and a built-in RSS feed reader. Most importantly, it’s more secure. I’ve taken it for a spin in Windows Vista, and it seems pretty nice.

IE 7 requires a legit copy of Windows XP, and restart of your system during the install. You might want to wait a while for all the bugs to be worked out of it before trying it on your system. …or, you could just use FireFox or Opera. Safe browsing everyone–keep your Windows security updates current, and try to avoid using IE 6.

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